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Finding B-A-L-A-N-C-E In Daily Life!

ApplesAs a Wife, Mother and Business Woman, I have learned to juggle many tasks in one week. Can anyone relate? I would like to hope I do this well, but the truth is sometimes one area of my life can get a little out of balance. How do I bring it back into balance? Balance is only achieved in my life with lots of prayer; my relationship with God being most important. I need to daily evaluate priorities, stay focused and on task during my work hours and spend time with family every day.

If finding balance in your day is an on-going struggle for you, let me share an acrostic that includes some key points that may help:

B - Believe God has a purpose for you each day. Make it your purpose to discover it!

A - Acknowledge Christ as Lord of your life daily and seek to do His will (all you do should be for His glory!)

L - List responsibilities in order of importance & urgency.

A - Action steps should follow your list. Stay focused!

N - No is an acceptable answer! There are a lot of good things you can be doing with your time, but when you do too much, you won't be able to do any of them well.

C - Contentment is key! Be satisfied with your days work and rest in Him knowing He has a plan. When we work under self-imposed stress, we are doing it for our glory, not His!

E - Enough! Give yourself permission to realize you have accomplished enough at the end of every day. God gave us only 24 hours in a day and causes the sun to set each night for a reason. It's called rest! When the day is done, be EXCITED for tomorrow. Awake in the morning and start all over with B!

I'm a true believer that when we commit our work to the Lord we cannot fail. However, when we do not stop to rest and watch Him work, we all too often try to take credit where credit is not deserved. May God help you find balance in your life so you can see all that He is doing in and through you!

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Reader Comments...
2009-09-18 17:43:02
"Ahhhhhh!! How sweet to read words of wisdom and encouragement! Just being around you makes me feel balanced. Keep praying and believing and pressing in. The AWESOME ONE we serve has it ALL balanced on the tip of HIS FINGER! HE can surely help us with all our daily planners, cell phones, etc. "
        - Decie

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