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Building Bridges

My Friend Debbie     When I was growing up, it seemed that everyone knew that familiar phrase "Best Friends Forever," or "BFF," as we called it. But as time passes and the seasons of our lives change, the importance of having a best friend is diminished and our devotion is transferred to our husband and children. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the importance of having those special people called "friends" in our lives.

     A builder knows that you can't start to build a bridge unless you intend to finish it. Let's face it, if they built bridges that only went half way somewhere, traveling would never be the same. I feel the same way about relationships. You should build a bridge of friendship with the same intention and investment that a bridge builder would have. People need that high level of commitment to return the level of trust that goes into an intimate relationship. We all need a relationship where trust and fulfillment is waiting on the other side.

     Today's world offers a host of disappointing avenues and streets that lead to depression and hopelessness. It's during these times that we may get caught up in our own feelings, which may prohibit us from reaching out to a friend, but it may be at these very times that they too may need a word of encouragement. My goal is to encourage you to offer a relationship to others that cultivates human kindness and lasting friendships.

     God's love manifests through our acts of kindness. Those who reject God may not reject the phone call or greeting card from a friend. There are so many ways to reach people without banging their door down with your favorite evangelistic pamphlet.

     Grab a box of brownies or a favorite soup and bless your neighbor with an unexpected dinner. Make a friend with someone that you don't normally interact with. Young or old, people need people, and they especially need Christians. Seize the opportunity to reach an otherwise unreachable person with your kindness, and make a difference in someone's life. You just might find that it blesses you too.

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Reader Comments...
2009-02-04 19:28:23
"What a great little article. You have some hidden talent Sherry. :) That is a good picture, huh? "
        - Pam

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