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Missions in Mexico

My Friend Debbie The Trip that Made a Difference!

     My grandmother once told me; don't worry about anything if it doesn't make a difference 100 years from now. I can definitely say that the most recent trip Dave and I took, along with 30 other people, will make a difference 100 years from now.

     Over the years, members from our church, along with folks interested in a one-week missions building trip have gone on about 28 missions trips like this one.

     On this trip, out of the more than 30 people, we had nine couples, and a total of 13 women, the largest number of women we have ever had on a missions building trip. This was significant because we were building the church for a female Pastor. We had the great privilege of going to Mexico and building a church for a small, but growing congregation.

My Friend Debbie      When we arrived at the job site, our senses were overwhelmed with the bleak surroundings of the area. Unpaved, dusty, bumpy "roads,"were lined with homes that were scrap pieces of wood held together by any means available, with absolutely no glass windows on any of the dwellings. The structure we were going to build would be the nicest building in the entire area.

     We were greeted by the Pastor, her husband and members of the very appreciative congregation. Our work began a few short hours after we had arrived in Mexico.

     Men and women alike were moving 8-inch cinder blocks to the locations where they would be used by the block-laying teams to build the structure. The block-laying teams consisted of one man and one woman. The members of our "mud crew"were responsible for mixing the proper amount of concrete necessary for the construction phases. There was also a team that was responsible for our on-site lunches, which were simple but nourishing.

My Friend Debbie      Thankfully, we had great cooperation and were able to complete the project on time, which is always an amazing accomplishment. When we left the once bleak and desolate job site, we were grateful to have taken part in the completed church building that now stands on the property.

     Our hearts were saddened but at the same time overjoyed, as we said goodbye to the members of the congregation that we had grown to love and who had helped us in any way they could. We said a prayer over every one of the children as they ran to hug us saying, "adios and gracias."

     It was time to return home, and we had to say goodbye to the other members of the team we had worked so closely with for a whole week. This is always one of the hardest things to do, when we have formed such a strong bond with everyone through sharing the same mission of building a church. Everyone worked as hard as he/she possibly could together to complete the task and we were so overjoyed to see it accomplished.

     Our only reward will be realized when we arrive in heaven and are greeted by the people who have come to know The Lord as their personal Savior as a result of the one-week missions building projects. And that will be a great reward! Until then we will have special memories of our mission to Mexico!

My Friend Debbie

My Friend Debbie

My Friend Debbie

My Friend Debbie

My Friend Debbie

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