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Circle of Friends

My Friend Debbie      My favorite topic to write about is friendships. Over the years, I have learned to cherish all of the relationships with the people I call friends, purposefully investing energy into making meaningful, lasting friendships. To be a good friend is a challenge that requires time, commitment and concerted effort.

     Our culture creates opportunities to engage in shallow relationships. Are you guilty of asking, "How are you?" and not really wanting to know the answer because your preverbal elevator has reached the top floor? Have you asked someone how you can pray for them and then forgotten the whole week to mention her request to the Lord even once? I hope I am not a lone ranger when it comes to these types of scenarios. We have good intentions, but time escapes us as we move about our week, running, picking up, working, laundering, and being so busy we even forget to care for ourselves.

     It is important for us to cultivate rewarding relationships. Women always need a friend to call, when the going gets rough, who will understand and listen empathetically. Sometimes we don't need a solution as much as a sounding board. By encircling yourself with different kinds of people who have different gifts, your friendships can be rewarding and sincere.

My Friend Debbie      I use the term circle both literally and figuratively. I have different friends who serve different purposes. If I am in need of marital wisdom I call my friend whom I consider the expert on relationships; if I have financial problems, I reach out to a different person; if I need spiritual support, then I depend on several other friends. I think we have to have a circle--or network--of friends who provide us with the proverbial net that can catch us when we are falling. If you haven't ever needed another person to depend on then I would love to know how you get through life without that net (or network).

     Be a friend to many, a mentor to a few and have a little of both. You can give back to younger women who need support by being a mentor and by showing them how to build healthy relationships. Life is tough: a marital problem, a financial hardship or a complicated relationship can really bring us down. Invest the time and effort it takes to make new friends and treasure the old ones. Everybody needs a friend to lean on, and if you invest the time and energy along the way, you'll find your girlfriends are there when you need them.

"...there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." Proverbs 18:24 (NKJV).

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Reader Comments...
2009-05-04 17:12:51
"Hey, this is me Annette from Glad Tidings a while ago. I noticed your name and wanted to write and see how things are going. I am on facebook if you get a chance to look on there."
        - Annette

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