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The R-4 Remedy for The Plague

     Do you suffer from the plague?  I am not referring to leprosy or the Bubonic plague; I mean are you feeling plagued with guilt, fear, rejection, anxiety or low self-esteem?  All of these non-physical findings can somehow create physical de-conditioning and spiritual or emotional despair.

     Sometimes it is difficult to identify when the plague epidemic has hit us.  Weeks can pass, and we might be in a grouchy mood or feeling under appreciated and overwhelmed.  We might storm around the house with a frown, spraying sarcastic comments like a hose that has been building up pressure for weeks.  Nobody can get anything right, the house feels small and cluttered, and the people at work are driving us crazy.  Who is this discontented, masked person?  Where do we get help for this condition?  It’s one of those classic “Calgon, take me away” moments.

     The good news is there is a cure and also a preventative for the plague. The secret therapy lies within our reach.  I call it “The R4 Remedy.”  The first R stands for recognize, the second R is remove, the third R denotes realize, and the last R signifies read.

     First, you have to RECOGNIZE that you are in emotional trouble: Take a mental note of how people close to you are reacting.  Recognize the signs of the plague such as a short temper, a sense of being overwhelmed, a withdrawal from people and/or activities,  feeling depressed or suffering from an inability to cope with change.  Don’t ignore it when someone asks if everything is all right or comments that you are just not quite yourself.

     Next, you may have to  REMOVE some stressors.  This may include removing yourself from a stressful situation.  It may require removing commitments from your schedule that are unnecessary or that repeatedly steal time away from your QUIET times.  In this case, it is appropriate to be selfish to nurture your own mind and heart.

     Third, you need to REALIZE how you may have contributed to this weakened condition.  Have you ignored the beginning signs and symptoms that allowed this plague to fester into a raging infection?  Have you compromised so many times that the balance you once knew exists no more?  It is important to realize that you ultimately have the power to be positive, and you have the responsibility to stay connected to your Heavenly Father  through the loving companionship offered to you by His Son, Jesus.  Realizing how much God loves you is crucial for your good spiritual health, and it aids your ability to continue contributing to the world around you.

     The last piece of the R4 remedy is READING.  A healthy dose of a daily devotional and Bible reading will help you renew your strength, physically and spiritually.  A daily time with God rekindles the love from within as you devote a portion of your day to remembering that God always has time to love you and teach you something new.  

     Consider the R4 remedy the spiritual antidepressant and take it at least once daily to maintain your health.  
As we depend on God for our well being, we are warding off all the plagues that affect so many people today who don’t have the honor of knowing Jesus’ great love and power.  The gloom will leave and the Son can shine again in our lives.

     “The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.” Deuteronomy 33:27(KJV)

Copyright © 2008-2015 Sherry Norquist

Reader Comments...
2009-06-04 19:03:46
"Excellent. Refreshing way to put it."
        - Jodi

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