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Eyes on Eyebrows

     Eyebrows frame the face! Eyebrows create balance for your other facial features. When neatly groomed, they give a polished look to your overall appearance. Neglect them, and it shows! Overdo it, and it’s obvious!

The Basics

     Measuring and determining how to properly groom your eyebrows may require the help of a professional. Otherwise, follow these tips.

  1. There should be the length of one eye in between your eyebrows.
  2. The arch should be over the iris and should look natural.
  3. The brow should usually begin directly above the corner of the eye, unless eyes are extremely closely set or set unusually far apart.
  4. Using a pencil at the corner of your nose extending upward to the outside corner of your eye, will give you an indicator as to where your eyebrow should end.
  5. Trim eyebrows very carefully if they are too long.
  6. Remove stray eyebrow hairs  to create a natural arch with tweezers. If you have more than 10 hairs to remove, you may want to consider professional waxing, which is easier and will last longer.
  7. Fill in with small strokes of an eyebrow pencil or powder for finished shape and color.

My Eyebrow Story

     Thankfully, I didn’t inherit a uni-brow, but I did inherit some pretty wild and out-of-control eyebrows from my dad.  It looks fine on him--he’s a guy-- but not on me. I’ve tried plucking myself but usually resort to having Lori (my favorite esthetician) manage the mess!

Threading: A New Technique

     That is until just a couple of months ago! I discovered a new shop in our area that features an Eastern technique of hair-removal called threading! I tried it, and it’s fabulous—and it’s only $10. The results were fantastic and lasted for more than six weeks. For me, that’s about twice as long as waxing. They don’t use wax or tweezers—just pieces of thread strategically maneuvered. The shop is simply called “Beautiful Eyebrows.”  Perhaps you can find more information about “threading” in your area.

     So whether you tweeze, wax, thread or otherwise shape your eyebrows this holiday season—just make sure you give them some much needed attention, and you’ll be sure to enjoy the beautiful results.

Copyright © 2008-2015 Debbie Reynolds Harper

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