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Basic Make-Up

     With a few basic steps you can look your best for any occasion and shine with a radiant beauty for the spring season.

     Foundation: Use concealer to cover blemish spots, veins, or uneven coloring. Use foundation makeup the same color as your skin, or one shade lighter if necessary. This presents a beautiful even tone to the skin and protects from the elements.

     Cheeks: Apply blusher with large brush to the hollow of your check. Start at the inner ear and lightly brush toward the nose.  Don’t pass the center of your eye or go below the nose.  Blusher should always be well blended.< strong>

Lips:  Lip liner and Lip color:  Start with a primer or foundation over the edges of the lips to give a fresh slate. Lip liner should start at the natural v in the top lip and move down toward the corners one side at a time. Then draw a line on the bottom lip from one side to the other. For the final touch, open the mouth and make an “o” to finish the liner in the corners.  Apply lip color with a brush for the best results, and then blot to remove excess. Add shine to bottom lip.


     Eyeliner: Never put eyeliner on the inner rim of the eyelid, it will close them in. Apply pencil eyeliner to the outer corner or the eyes and come half way to the inside of the eye on the upper and lower lids. Liquid eyeliner is to harsh, as well as black eyeliner. A soft brown, sable or slate gray is better.

     Eye shadow Eye shadow should create three areas to the eye: the lid, the crease and the brow. Apply a lighter shade to the lid and the brow and a darker color to the crease to accentuate and contour.

     Eyebrows: Eyebrows frame the face and give balance to your overall look. There should be the length of one eye in between your eyes. The arch should be over the iris. The brow should usually begin at the corner of the eye, unless eyes are closely set or set too far apart. Fill in with small strokes of an eyebrow pencil for shape and color. Remove stray eyebrows to create natural arch with tweezers. If you have more than ten hairs to remove, you may want to consider waxing, which will last longer.

     No matter what age, women reflect God's beauty in the world. By following these simple guidelines, you can do it with precision.

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