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Printing Money

     Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? At our house it does! Or at least it would seem that way!

     Several months ago, our 17-year-old son Gavin became interested in pictures he saw on Facebook of some people in our church getting lots of food for free-- using coupons—many of which they printed from their computers.

     When he first mentioned it to me, I thought it was a good idea to save a little money, but I had no idea that a whole new phenomena of what I would call “extreme couponing” was the latest rave! After investigating it further, it seems that there is an emerging following for this type of thrifty shopping.

     We’ve discovered that these are not the kinds of coupons your moms and grandmoms used in decades past to get 40 cents off of some Tuna Helper now and then. This is serious business employing well-orchestrated targeted strategies aimed at certain days, certain stores, certain Websites, and certain techniques such as “stacking.”

     Stacking, I’ve come to find out, involves an acceptable but highly advantageous combination of a variety of factors including a manufacturer’s coupon along with a store coupon, or special store sale, or double or triple coupon days, to name a few.

     On Monday mornings in our area, the “Coupon Consultant,” as she is called, gives her special finds for the upcoming week on the local television newscast and refers viewers to her Website that has essential coupon information and links to print coupons—or grocery story “money,” as we see it. It’s a little like printing money!

     The results of Gavin’s finds have been astounding. We have saved money each week on groceries like never before. Now, we are excited what we’ll get next week.

     You may want to check out www.thecouponconsultant.com, as she has many links to other national sites that might be useful in helping your own family save money.

Retail: $106.74

Paid: $56.12

Retail: $109.44

Payed $35.34

Retail: 68.45

Paid: $8.26

Retail: 36.50

Paid: 0.00

Retail: $31.19

Paid: $5.03

Retail: $109.76

Paid: $30.22

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