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I Arise Today

     Last year this time, I was suffering from a serious sinus infection and just felt miserable all over. I struggled through my daughter’s birthday party and went through what seemed like an entire box of tissues. At one point, I recognized that my physical struggles had some part of their origin in the spiritual. I began to realize that I had what the Bible calls an affliction—a spirit of darkness that affects our physical well-being.

     It was at that time that I received the following prayer (actually a song) written by St. Patrick, sent by email from Pastor Brad Shedd, at Harvest Assembly in Chesapeake, VA.  As I read it, my spirit began to arise within me, as my heart was in agreement with the words. There was so much truth to the prayer, that my spirit was strengthened and nourished.

     I printed out the prayer, and that evening, as I lay desperate for relief from my sickness, I asked my husband to pray this prayer over me and so he did. What happened next was amazing! I literally felt my spirit that was deeply compressed within me began to lift, to lighten and to arise, until I felt completely different and well!

     I remember singing songs in church when I was younger, like, “Arise and Be Healed, in the name of Jesus,” but I had never experienced it until that night. I have prayed this prayer, or portions of it, many times since then and because it was so powerful for me, I wanted to share it with you.

     I hope it blesses you as it blessed me. And may you realize what a hero of the faith that St. Patrick was so long ago.

     Patrick composed this hymn in the time of Loegaire, who was the son of Niall. He wrote it to protect himself and his monks from their many deadly enemies who lay in wait for priests.

      Now this breastplate of faith is to protect body and soul from devils and men and sin. When anyone uses it each day, carefully seeking God, devils will turn and run.

St. Patrick’s Lorica


I arise today

In a mighty strength,

Calling upon the Trinity,

Believing in the Three Persons

Saying they are One

Thanking my Creator.

I arise today


Strengthened by Christ’s own baptism

Made strong by His crucifixion and His burial

Made strong by His resurrection and His ascension

Made strong by His descent to meet me on the Day of Doom.

I arise today

Strengthened by cherubims’ love of God

By obedience of all angels

By service of archangels

By hope in reward of my resurrection

By prayers of the fathers

By predictions of prophets

By preaching of apostles

By the faith of confessors

By shyness of holy virgins

By deeds of all holy men.


I arise today

Through strength in the sky:

Light of sun

Moon’s reflection

Dazzle of fire

Speed of lightning

Wild wind

Deep sea

Firm earth

Hard rock.


I arise today

With God’s strength to pilot me:

God’s might to uphold me

God’s wisdom to guide me

God’s eye to look ahead for me

God’s ear to hear me

God’s Word to speak for me

God’s hand to defend me

God’s way to lie before me

God’s shield to protect me

God’s host to safeguard me:

Against devil’s traps

Against attraction of sin

Against pull of nature

Against all who wish me ill

Near and far


And in a crowd.

I summon all these powers to protect me-

Against every cruel and wicked powers that stand

Against me

Body and soul

Against false prophet’s wild words

Against dark ways of heathen

Against false laws of heretics

Against magic and idolatry

Against spells of smiths*, witches and wizards

Against every false lore that snares body and soul.

Christ protect me today

Against poison, against burning

Against drowning, against wounding

So that I may come to enjoy Your rich reward.

Christ ever with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me

Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me

Christ to my right side, Christ to my left

Christ in His breadth, Christ in His length, Christ in depth **

Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me

Christ in the mouth of every man who speaks to me

Christ in every eye that sees me

Christ in every ear that hears me.

I arise today

In mighty strength

Making in my mouth the Trinity

Believing in mind Three Persons

Confessing in heart they are One

Thanking my Creator.

Salvation is from the Lord

Salvation is from the Lord

Salvation is from Christ

May your salvation

Three Lords

Be always with us.


* The most feared spell was for the smith to "turn his anvil," that is, upside down. It must have been regarded as the ultimate show of strength - a show of anger - by the strongest man in the clan.

**Eph. 3:18 "This is what I pray, kneeling before the Father . . . that Christ may live in your hearts. Planted in love and built on love . . . that you will have the strength to grasp the breadth, the length, the height, the depth; until knowing the love of Christ, which is beyond all understanding, you are filled with the utter fullness of God."

Copyright © 2008-2015 Debbie Reynolds Harper

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