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"Some Heroes Fly; Others Walk"

     Generally, I don’t recommend movies to others; however, as I recently watched a DVD called “The Cross – The Arthur Blessitt Story,” and I am led to give two thumbs up with confidence.  “The Cross” does not boast some popular figure’s name, at least not by Hollywood standards. 

     The story is about one man’s journey of obedience and faith; but to me, it is also the answer to an often pondered question.  

     Although Mr. Blessitt recently accomplished the mission that was set before him some forty years ago, I believe the message he brings is really just the passing of the torch to those that will receive it and run the race.  My appreciation of such a film is grounded in my personal history.  The story for me began thirteen years ago.

     It was the spring of 1997 when my husband and I made an Alaskan adventure to visit close friends.  We landed in Anchorage, where we spent the night before making our way to Fairbanks the next morning.  The food and fellowship were sweet, the weather was beautiful, the beauty of nature was all around us.  WOW!  I was a real reminder of the saying that I’ve heard: “It’s not the number of breaths we take in life that count, but the moments that take our breath away.”  Our whole trip was one of those experiences.

     I remember thinking how wide open the land was and gaining a new understanding of why Alaska is called the “last frontier.”  We only passed a few cars and some wildlife, and a lot of trees.  We were able to converse easily and caught up on old times as well as current events in each of our lives.  

     Then, the most interesting thing happened.  We saw a man carrying a wooden cross walking in the opposite direction of our journey.  As we sped by the random site, I recalled to our friends that I had seen a 700 Club story about a man named Arthur Blessitt in years past, and pondered if that might be the same person.  Well, curiosity had us all in suspense, so we pulled off the road, turned around, and headed back toward the cross.

     As we drove ahead, we joked that the scene reminded us of the book, Pilgrim’s Progress, where the main character carries a burden.  Little did we know that this man had a burden, indeed!  My girlfriend and I got out of the car to find out what it was about, only to be amazed that it WAS indeed, Arthur Blessitt!  

     He was kind and gracious.  He made us laugh when he politely wondered if we were part of some cult or something, or if we were both the wives of the same man, since we were wearing blue jean dresses that ironically, nearly matched.  He told us of his calling from the Lord to go to all the nations of the earth, bringing them the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I asked him how many countries he had visited so far, and he told us.  I quickly computed approximately how many he had remaining, and we marveled at the vision and faith he possessed.  We asked if we could take a picture with him and my husband even walked and talked with him.  He gave us each a sticker and shared some of his photos of places and people he had visited thus far on his mission.  We agreed to pray fo r him and his family, and waved goodbye.

     Fast forward thirteen years and I wept in my living room the other day as I watched the two hour DVD proclaiming victory in Jesus!  At last, Arthur Blessitt had completed his marching orders.  I did not have to wonder anymore if I would ever pass him on some obscure highway or a busy street.  I rejoiced in my heart of his victory as if it was my own.  I tried to convey to my children of our destiny in life as believers in Y’shua.  We have a purpose.  HE has The Plan.  Now, all we have to do is be faithful and walk in it.

     One life lesson that remains with me that Mr. Blessitt shared is that circumstances don’t alter the call.  Mr. Blessitt was given every legitimate reason why he should not or could not begin his “walk” before he even took the first step.  His conclusion:  “I’d rather DIE in the will of God than LIVE outside of it.” And though the trials and challenges raged along his way, he continually proclaimed “I’ll die with the wind in my face.”

     I believe, this should be our anthem as Believers.   

     Faith is kind of like belief with legs on it.  Although you may not be given a vision to carry a 12-foot cross, you do have orders to be faithful and obedient.  May you find comfort and assurance in knowing that you have a calling, and may you be granted by God, the courage to walk in it.


Copyright © 2008-2015 Decie Rowlands

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