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Easy Tips to Get Everyone Out the Door

     I don’t know how anyone ever really conquers the tasks of the early morning rush.  No matter how early we get up or how fast we rush around or how much pre planning goes into getting out of the house on time, it inevitably remains  an eternal struggle.  No matter what day of the week it is, even Sunday morning, it’s difficult to get everyone out the door at the same time.

I have discovered some fail proof tips to help avoid the early morning blues:

  1. Select clothing and shoes the day before. Inevitably the favorite shoes that the kids want to wear have one missing or they were left out in the rain the day before.
  2. Have children do an “inventory” of all the needed items, for example: homework, school projects and lunch supplies the night before.
  3. Encourage children to shower/bathe the night before.  Hot showers in the morning can end up being way longer then they should because it feels so refreshing  to soak in warm water when you wake up but that often leads to significant delays.
  4. Make and pack lunches the night before. Have all salad fixings and fruits washed and ready to slice before putting them in the refrigerator,  somebody made a million dollars making pre-washed, pre-packed fruits and vegetables and we can benefit from the great ideas.  
  5. Have family members place the dirty clothes (colors) in the washer as they get dirty.  This is a really helpful tip for older children because they learn how to separate their laundry and it stays off the floor.  I try to do a load of laundry every day or 2 to avoid the big piles at the end of the week. You may need to do a load or two a day depending on the size of your family, but it pays to keep up with it, and ensures the clothing items are ready when you need them.

Keep Trying!

     All these little tips may seem obvious but I know when I encourage my children to plan ahead we all have a much more timely and productive morning.  It is important to teach children early on to respect time frames and timeliness.  In order to accomplish these things it takes  considerable effort and planning.  Encourage planning ahead and remember,  “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Copyright © 2008-2015 Sherry Norquist

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