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The Great Home Remodeling Project

     After 11 years in our home, it’s time for some overdue repairs and renovations. Many of the things that have needed repair have gone undone because our focus and attention have been needed elsewhere.

     But a few weeks ago, it was time! And time couldn’t wait! We have officially embarked on the “Great Home Remodeling Project.” It is a family affair. Yes, I admit, I agreed to make several trips with my husband walking through the aisles of the major home improvement stores as an act of love. Usually, I don’t like these places, because they remind me of projects that never get finished and it’s generally overwhelming to me. But working together on the decisions seemed to help us get on the same page.

     We did some investigating and pricing and finally made some decisions of what our project would entail. The tile in the kitchen had to go—it was so cracked and broken that it was a health hazard. It was 18 years old and had not endured very well. So our son, Grant and my husband used a crow bar and took it up. We now have bare plywood in our kitchen awaiting the wood floors that will soon be laid down. It will be a labor of love.

     The carpet in the living room and dining room had seen water damage and 18 years of wear and tear—11 of those years with our seven children—so replacing it was a must! My husband and I had prayed about what solutions would be best.  At the same time, we both got the same amount in our minds about what to spend and we both had the same idea of going to a clearance, salvage place to see what might be available. 

     I wanted my husband and son to go find it and bring it back, but my husband really wanted me to go with them, so I did. What we found was wood flooring for .86 cents a square foot, when what we had priced earlier was $4 a square foot. We bought what they had left, and were happy to get such a great deal. It is going down nicely and with some guidance, even my teenage daughter and son are able to help. My mom and aunt also came to help. It’s amazing the transformation that can happen.

     We have painted walls and trim, fixed ceilings, repaired faucets and light fixtures, gotten rid of outdated wallpaper, and refinished our kitchen cabinet doors with not much more than some sanding and a bucket of paint. We spent several days with layers of sawdust everywhere, but little by little we are seeing it all come together beautifully. We have found Benjamin Moore paint to be our favorite--it’s so pretty, clean and bright!

     It will take us a few more weeks to complete our “Great Home Remodeling Project” but it will be well worth it! So, if you’re planning your own remodeling project, take heart, it can be done! With a little patience, prayer and perseverance, you can do it!

Copyright © 2008-2015 Debbie Reynolds Harper

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