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Out of the Box Education

     For several years my children went to a private Christian school and I believed at the time it was the best choice for them. When God put it on our hearts to homeschool them, I believed it would be impossible. It is not something that I wanted to do or thought that I was gifted to do. But I knew I had to be obedient and with God’s grace we My Friend Debbie - Out of the Box Educationhave made it—and not just made it— we have enjoyed it. My son Gavin was in 5th grade then, and he’s now a freshman in college. He graduated high school as a homeschool student registered with the state of Virginia. Something I never would have imagined for our family.

     I have recently come to understand that it is a high honor and privilege to have the opportunity to educate my own children. For the longest time, I thought it was second best to a Christian private school, but now, I realize that for me, it is the top choice. I have come to a place in my understanding that if my children were to go to another school, rather than homeschool, it would be second best for us.

     At some point, God may direct us to place our children in another school, and if He does, I know that obedience is always blessed, but for now, I’m thrilled at the opportunity to see my children thrive. They love to learn. They can’t wait to do their schoolwork. They always cheerfully pursue learning new concepts and exploring everything they can see and know. They write, they read, they draw, they listen, they observe, they research, they explore, they seek to understand. It is my delight to share everything I know with them and to likewise discover with them everything I don’t know yet.My Friend Debbie - Out of the Box Education

     This photo was taken of our three youngest sons on a recent trip to New York City . . . a business trip that my husband was fortunate enough to take us on . . . an “out of the box” educational experience for the children. They learned about many things . . . things like social climates, different cultures and nationalities, skyscrapers, cabs, subways, architecture, history, freedom, immigration, homelessness, economy, language barriers, terrorism, Broadway productions, the stock market, culinary arts and many other things, including what it’s like to stay at the top of a hotel on Times Square and how many Bible-believing Christians worship at Brooklyn Tabernacle. These things would not be the same in a textbook or on television.

     So, wherever God has you and your children now, pray for opportunities for all of you to thrive in all aspects of learning and understanding . . . even if it’s “out of the box.”

Copyright © 2008-2015 Debbie Reynolds Harper

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