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A Love that Rivals Fairytales

The following poem is a reminder to all single women that GOD is the author of our love story! And he is meticulously writing each chapter, developing our character, and creating the most beautiful ending! We can rest in him and know that our love is safe. The men that win our hearts will be God’s design for us!

A Love that Rivals Fairytales


On rainy days, we'll build blanket forts,

where whimsical disturbs reality.

We'll escape away to a secret land

just like Peter Pan and Wendy.


And on winter nights, we'll build a fire.

Cuddled together with our books to read,

from the library in our enchanted castle,

just like Beauty and the Beast.


For the quiet nights, we'll build a porch swing;

we'll watch the warmth fade to September.

Our silent memories rocking back and forth

just like A Walk to Remember.


Beginning to end, we'll build our story

of laughter, love, trials, and travels.

You'll be the hero who persuades the girl

just like in Jane Austen's novels.


As for our life, we'll build it on the rocks

overlooking ocean waters, so dense.

A foundation solid, steady, and safe

just like the Little Mermaid and her prince.


On the hard days, we'll build each other up,

chasing away the worry and the hurt.

We'll empower one another to be fearless

just like Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.


And of course, we'll build imaginations,

words and dreams enhancing our life.

As kindred spirits, we'll conquer the world

just like Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe.


In days to come, we'll build our home,

loving better as times get harder.

Blessed with our own little girls and boys

Just like my Mother and my Father.


Everyday we'll build our own fairytale

where our love will be reigning free.

It will rival all the aforementioned

Forever just you and me

Forever just you and me

Copyright © 2008-2015 Destiny Morrow

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