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Your Love is a Song


Ooh, your love is a symphony 
All around me, running through me 
Ooh, your love is a melody 
Underneath me, running to me 
Oh, your love is a song

Today, while listening to the radio, I heard Jon Foreman explain the meaning behind the song quoted above. His inspiration came from the realization that the universe in all its vastness serves as a song that is written and performed by God. His commentary got me thinking about the characteristics of this unrivaled music.

The song intricate…profound…bold…deliberate...moving. The orchestration is held together by the composer; his expertise and devotion makes for no errors. The stars, the planets, the earth, the sun, the moon…they are all a part of the marvelous music that God holds together. WE are part of that music. It is within us, around us, above us, beneath us. The song is the length of time itself. It began with the first ray of light and first sound of rushing water. God’s love for the world--for humanity birthed this melody called life. It envelops everything in God’s heart and we inspire it.

Sometimes, in this song there is dissonance – pain, loss, brokenness, but you can still have hope knowing that the dissonance is just part of the composition and that the next chord is healing, freedom, and peace. The conductor of this symphony knows which notes to place where – he has confidence in the timing and the rhythm and the pace. He knows which measures should be empowering and stirring – resembling an anthem. And then he knows which sections need serenity and sadness – reflecting solemn grief.

Always remember: the song is already completed, and it is a flawless piece of art. His love, his world, his universe makes up the entire symphony that works together to form the tapestry of life.

Copyright © 2008-2015 Destiny Morrow

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