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Women and the Word

     I set at my desk listening to an interview on women and theology, and the content was rich and informative; it was everything a good interview should be:  interesting, thought-provoking and convicting.

     Theology is often thought of as a hard subject that only the best and brightest in Christendom can discuss. However, Theology is merely defined by Webster’s dictionary as “the study of the nature of God and religious beliefs.”

     The root word, “Theo” means “God, “thus theology means the study of God.

     God, our heavenly Father, the one who sent his Son to make the beautiful exchange of His life for our sins is He, and theology is the study of our Father and His ways.

     Theology and religious studies have been a world dominated by men, through books, lectures, and presentations, yet women have an opportunity as well to embrace theology and its application.

     Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, and Kay Arthur are well known Bible teachers, yet very few people would call these amazing women theologians.

     Women have embraced theology not only in its study but also in its application. Many women read the Scriptures and they want to know, “How does this apply to me?” and “How can this apply to my marriage, my children, my career?”

     These women mentioned above share their application of their theology in the teaching and interaction with women.

     Women (for the most part) love to share stories, open their hearts to others, and tell testimonies. They share what they have learned and what they believe.

     Theology is in many parts just this, the sharing of Who God Is, our Belief in Him, and our Understanding of His Word.

     Women have great insights to offer in the study and the application of Theology, and in many ways the conversation is not complete without our words.

     We should be encouraged by the example of Mary who sat at the feet of Jesus to learn His Words and to be discipled; and Jesus commended her by saying that she had chosen “the better part.”

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