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Tiffany Hester

     Born and raised as a Georgia Peach, Tiffany, a wife to Brandon and a mommy to Karsyn, currently lives in the great town of Virginia Beach.  Being a wife to a youth pastor and a worship leader herself, she stays very active in the church and in the community around her.

     Tiffany has been in full-time ministry for six years and has a huge passion for 2 things - 1)  That young people may be challenged to reach and grow beyond the mediocracy  of our  society to accept and embrace their Savior with no restraints . 2)  That through worship people would be able to see what a big God we truly serve.  That through the process of magnifying Him,  and gaining a closer view of Him, people would understand that even in a world with big problems, OUR God is bigger.

     Tiffany has been married to Brandon for six years and her daughter, Karsyn, is three years old.  Second to her Best Friend,  (her savior, Jesus Christ), her family is the very heartbeat of her life and she strives to be the best wife and mom that God can enable her to be.


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