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Sarah Gwendolyn Marsh

 &"border: 3px solid black; margin: 10px; float: right;" src="images/sarahmarsh_bio_sm.jpg" alt="" width="250" height="318" />    I was born and have lived in Poquoson , Va. my entire life.  I have a mom,  dad, three sisters, and a dog – no brothers-- and that’s just the way we like it!  My dad has been serving as the Senior Pastor of our church for more than 25 years.  I was homeschooled all twelve years and loved every single second of it.  My family is very musical.  Between all of us, we play everything from the piano and drums, to the saxophone and violin.  We all sing and love singing together.  

     Right now, I am attending Central Bible College in Springfield , MO. I am in the second semester of my sophomore year and working toward a degree in Christian Counseling with a minor in Youth Ministries.  I am in a traveling choir at school and serve as a treasurer on a student council.  When I graduate, I plan on continuing my education at AGTS (the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary) and getting my Masters degree in Counseling.  After that, my focus will be ministry to teenage girls – holding sessions/conferences dealing with real-life issues that the church doesn’t necessarily deal with openly: abortion, eating disorders, sexual purity, etc.

     When my face isn't buried in books trying to keep my 3.7 GPA, you'll find me just living life to its fullest... and probably laughing a lot.  I am very easy-going and love almost everything:  wearing trendy skirts, hanging with friends, working out, shopping, eating Mexican food, finding the perfect lip gloss shade, cooking new things, going to the beach.  I am single, but very much in love with McDonald’s sweet tea!


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