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You Just Never Know What Life Will Bring

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own little world

Our own little trials

Our own little fears

We don’t see the girl that’s fighting for her life

Barely making it

Her scars: a vivid portrayal of strife.


The old woman crying through the night

Lying alone, with no one to call “home.”

Her spirit incongruent with her decaying body


I can feel her watching me with such envy

As I walk and eat

Without people to help me


I’ll be out of here by tomorrow

But this is her temporary home

Full of pain and sorrow


A man sits beside me

Chats about the good days and the “college life”

Leaves in a stretcher

Just because his body won’t function right


The toxic medication has torn up his body

It’s either live in pain, or die fighting

His wife’s silent tears roll down her cheeks

Watching helplessly as the nurses quickly work on reviving

This man who was always her stronghold…

Now he is dying.


Now that the chair beside me is eerily vacant

The woman to my left comes out with this statement:

“You just never know what life will bring you”

You see, she’s a veteran at this pain issue.


Every two weeks she sits in that chair

From 9-5 they pump in her drug cocktail

It’s the only thing keeping her muscles from collapsing

But as long as it keeps her alive…that’s all that she’s asking.

Each person, each face, has their own tragic story

But with every trial, to God be the glory

For every good thing just seems that much sweeter

When you’ve dabbled on the edge of life’s “cruel” meter


You learn to rejoice in the smallest victories

To never take for granted life’s simplest of dreams

But most of all you see God’s love is everywhere

It’s in the laugh amidst the tears;

It’s in the unspoken prayer.

It’s in the gentle touch just when you need it

It’s even in the chocolate chip cookie—

That’s right! You better believe it!

Because God knows just what we need

Exactly when we need it.

So come on Lord, bring on the cheese-itz!

Copyright © 2008-2015 Stephanie Blevins

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