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Liquid Paper and Nail Polish

My Friend Debbie     This past year I was tired of looking at spots of liquid paper that had dried on my wooden floor. The day finally came when I said "OK, enough! I need to take time to get this up."

     After some investigating, I decided to try the tip of generously spraying some suntan lotion and letting it sit for two minutes. That was it! I was able to wipe off all the dried liquid paper with just a soft cloth.

     A couple of months later I had been staring at dried, hot pink nail polish that my six-year-old daughter had spilled under her night table and had creatively decorated her full length mirror with.

My Friend Debbie

      I decided I needed to try the suntan lotion trick again and see if it would work on dried nail polish as effectively as it worked on liquid paper. Walla! Worked perfectly! The floor and the mirror were both cleaned easily.

     I learned to use a rubber spatula if the areas are very thin and add more lotion as needed. You may ask, "what type of suntan lotion?" My Friend DebbieWhat I used was actually some old lotion for kids that I had from last summer.

     I love new household tips that are easy and that really work! So the next time you may have a spill of liquid paper or nail polish, suntan lotion does the trick.


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