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A Good Dinner Guest

Most of us are not often invited to formal dinners but we are invited over by friends for some pizza, a back yard barbeque or just finger food get-togethers. It always helps to be a good dinner guest and with just a few helpful tips we can make sure our names are on the good list. Lest someone say of us, "I'll never invite them back over again!"
  1. Always remember to take a small gift to the host. It is a sign of your appreciation for their hospitality. It can be some flowers you pick up on the way or I usually keep a good supply of candles and specialty hand soap in the closet that I can pull out at anytime. A price range of $5-$8 is sufficient.

  2. A Good Dinner Guest - myfriendDebbie.com
  3. Never arrive too early! If a host invites you for dinner at 7pm, unless they tell you to come a few minutes early, don't! A host is usually doing the finishing touches up until the last minute. So just as it is not proper to arrive late neither is it good to arrive early. If you are in the neighborhood and have some minutes to spare, just drive around or pull off the side of the road and take a few minutes to relax. How nice it will feel
    to arrive not being rushed.

  4. If your children will be going with you, instruct them ahead of time of what is and what is not acceptable behavior. Of course, this is the discretion of each individual family but should at least include if and where they are allowed to play in the home, table manners and expressing thanks to the host.

  5. Clean up before you go! Most hosts will not want you to help clean up until the last dish is washed but you can and should offer to clear the table. If your children have been in other rooms of the house make sure to inspect the rooms with your child and that things have been put back in order. Do not just send your child to clean the room.

  6. Send a thank you. Of course, you can send a card by postal mail but now with email at our fingertips it is so easy to send a quick thank you the following morning. It doesn't need to be anything of length but it does need to express genuine gratitude for their invitation.

Cheers to a happy host and happy guest!

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