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God Cares about It ALL!

     I'm not sure why every time God does something amazing, I still stand amazed by His works. Just the other day, my 12 year old son was getting ready for his big trip to Florida to visit his grandmother. He was packing, as most boys do, gadgets first, then shorts and shirts, and if there was room to squeeze a few more items, maybe some fresh boxers, socks and a toothbrush - if there was room, mind you. Well, as I went to check on his packing progress, making sure the essentials were given their proper room due, I asked him, "Aren't you going to pack a few pairs of pants? I know its Florida, but in the evenings it's supposed to get a bit chilly." Jayson explained that he would take the pair he had on, but that he'd grown out of all the others.

My Friend Debbie      I stood perplexed thinking, "I do this kid's laundry several times a week, how have I missed this one?" Well, the truth of the matter is my son is in private school and wears a certain style of pants, of which he has plenty, which explains how I missed the fact that he'd grown out of all his "cool pants." Now, don't ask me why, but I suddenly felt stirred to stop and pray, asking God if He would provide some pants. So, I did.

     "Lord, is there any way you could provide some pants for Jayson? I'd really like him to have some on his trip, but he leaves this evening and . . . "before I could even finish my prayer, the Lord reminded me of something I had completely forgotten about. Last year, my friend gave me some clothes that her son had grown out of-mostly pants. They were too big for Jayson last year, but maybe now they would be just right. I climbed up to the top shelf of Jayson's closet, looking to see if the box from last year was still there. It was! Jayson and I together opened the box, anticipating what we might find as if it were Christmas. Out came the coolest looking, perfectly fitting pants you could ever imagine. FOURTEEN pairs to be exact! Jayson and I just smiled in delight and I said, "Son, we've got to stop and just thank God for this. He is so amazing and cares so much-even about making sure you have nice pants for your trip." We did thank God for the miracle He had performed for us, and then Jayson continued his packing.

My Friend Debbie      Jayson left for Florida that night with a full suitcase (toothbrush included . . . or was it???) and a full heart, knowing that the God who cannot always be seen or felt (when we wish we could see or feel Him), cares TREMENDOUSLY about everything in our lives. Whether it is a sick friend, a financial need or a desire for a "cool pair of pants," God TRULY does care about ALL things. No matter how big or small. He is amazing!!! Sometimes this can be easily forgotten, so why not take a moment now to thank Him for what He's already done in your life. Then thank Him for what He will continue to do.

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