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Coffee Catastrophe

My Friend Debbie     After working out one morning at the fitness center, I decided to reward myself with a cup of coffee before picking up my son from the childwatch area. In the lobby, there were two fancy coffee makers. I took down my cup and placed it towards the back of the coffee maker and pulled the lever. The hot coffee scalded my arm as I quickly realized that I had placed the cup too far back. So, I tried again.

     This time I moved my cup a little bit closer to the front of the coffee maker. Well, the same thing happened again, but this time as hot coffee is running down my arm I notice some writing on the coffee maker, "Please place cup here." Hmmm...now why didn't I notice that before? Finally, I got my cup of coffee and headed to the childwatch area to pick up my son. I carefully balanced my son in one arm and my precious cup of coffee in the other hand.

     When we got to the car I sat my coffee down and fastened my son in his car seat. Then I hopped back in the car and began driving through the parking lot. Mmmm...the smell of coffee filled the air. I thought to myself, "I can't wait to drink my coffee." But, then I realized I did not have my coffee. I had left it on the hood of my car where it spilled and dripped down into my engine. The interior of my car smelled great, but that cup of coffee never touched my lips

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