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A Lesson in Obedience

My Friend Debbie     I'm not one that can say I've actually heard from God in an audible voice, although I do believe that many people do, but I do know that God speaks to us in many different ways. A few months ago, I was at a friend's house. As I was sitting in their living room, I felt like God impressed upon my heart to give this family a certain amount of money.

     Thinking that maybe I hadn't really heard from God, I asked Him to give me a peace about this situation. He did. So, the next step was to talk about this situation with my husband. Now don't get me wrong, my husband loves the Lord and he loves to give, but I knew this would need to be something we agreed on. So, I came up with some criteria in mind for God to meet if this was indeed His will. I prayed, "Lord, please reveal this need to my husband and let him bring up the subject to me." I'm not sure why I was making it so complicated, but nevertheless I did.

     A couple of months went by and nothing happened. I was of course growing frustrated. I guess it was true, my husband really could not read my mind, but the thought never left me about what I felt God had laid upon my heart. Finally, one evening as we were both watching television I couldn't take it any longer. I blurted out in no particular order what I had been wrestling with over the past few months. "Erich, I feel like God told me to give some money to this family." After sharing my heart, I patiently waited. Almost afraid to see his response, I cautiously looked over to where my husband had been eating his bowl of ice cream. He never put down his spoon as he said, "Well, Christy if God told you to do it then you need to do it." My mouth hung open in disbelief. It was that simple. Had I been expecting resistance? Or, maybe I was waiting on some supernatural confirmation to unfold. Regardless, I felt like God was really saying to me, "This isn't about the money; this is about your faith." I was humbled and speechless.

     The next day, I literally ran my kids into the bank, got a money order and then headed to the post office to get a stamp and put it in the mail. I was so relieved when the letter had been sent. Yes, I was grateful that the money would be helpful to this family, but mostly I was thankful that God used this situation to strengthen my faith and to let me know He is in control of every situation.

     A month later, we were in church and they were talking about missions. I quickly asked the Lord how much He would like us to give. I felt like God placed an amount on my heart. I prayerfully asked God to please confirm this amount with my husband. As Erich filled out the pledge card, I leaned over and asked him how much he thought we should give. After he told me, I couldn't help but giggle. God had placed the same amount on my heart as well. Our God is amazing. He does speak to us in many different ways. It is our job to take the time to listen and more importantly to obey.

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Reader Comments...
2009-11-16 13:31:55
"I cannot tell you how much this blessed me. Raise them up in the way they should go and when they are older they will not depart. While you are speaking Words of Faith into your children when they are young, remember that God will cause these seeds to produce a crop. God is faithful. It humbles me to see how much my daughter loves the Lord and loves others."
        - Janice

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