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Can We Make It To Summer Break?

My Friend Debbie

Ways to Encourage Your Student During the 4th Quarter

     Let's face it--at this point you, your student, and even the dog is ready for the school year to be over. I mean, if you have to ask about homework one more time or hear one more, "Mom, I got a project due tomorrow," you're just going to pack your bags and stay at the Motel 6 -until either someone starts appreciating your educational efforts or the school bell rings for the last time this school year announcing, "The break is here!" (Don't hold your breath on that first one by the way.)

     Something to keep in mind, however, is that you're not the only one that's tired of school. In all fairness, your child is more than ready for school to be done and over with. So how can you help encourage your student not only to finish, but finish with a strong ending? Keep reading to get some tips that will help make this year's 4th quarter a little bit smoother.

     1. Get a calendar of the next two months (May and June) and have your student mark each week numerically, so that there can be something visual showing your student just how close to summer he/she is.

     2. Mark down all the breaks between now and Summer Break (Ex. Teacher Work Days, Memorial Day, etc.) You can find this information on either your school's website or the city's public school web page.

My Friend Debbie      3. Place a few stickers on any special days (days off or something fun going on at school).      4. Anticipate which weeks there may be projects and request your child to give you more notice than a day. (You could tell your student that as soon as he/she gets the project information that the two of you could have a "planning meeting" at Starbucks or Dairy Queen, but that you NEED to know right away. This is always fun!)

     5. Have your student place a nice big X over each day when he/she comes home from school so that it can be visually seen that summer is almost here.

     6. Start planning an end of the year party for your student and a couple of friends.

     All these ideas are just some ways to help your student and you make it through the rest of these days that seem to never end. I encourage you to pray for your student each day with him/her, as well as on your own. And after saying that much-needed prayer, enjoy a piece of chocolate or a walk with your dog. (Remember, he too is ready to scream and pull his hair out.) Enjoy the rest of your school year!

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