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The Invitation

     My sister was the first to receive the invitation.  She was thrilled at the prospect of a family reunion, and was determined the entire family would be there.  She would see to it if it was the last thing she did.  It had been so long since we had all been together.

     I received my invitation next.  I was so excited and I joined her in telling everyone in the family what a wonderful thing it would be if we all went.  We wanted everyone there.  It was something to look forward to and begin planning for.

     Mom and Dad were the next.  Mom was no trouble to convince, but Dad had some reservations.  His concern was how far he had to go to get there and did he have enough time to get ready.  He had a lot of business to clear up before he could even think about a reunion.  However, we finally convinced him to put everything aside and make going a priority.

     Next was my brother Nick.  He had moved away and I rarely had the opportunity to see him except on the few visits he made home.  He hadn’t received his invitation yet, but he made up his mind he would go when I told him about it.  In fact, he immediately began looking forward to it.  

     Now my brother Vic had me a little apprehensive, as we had not spoken for a long while due to differences in our viewpoints on certain issues.  When I heard he had been diagnosed with cancer and the doctors didn’t give him much hope, I made up my mind nothing would stop me from coaxing him into going.  I told him he needed to go if he wanted to see us all again.  In the end he conceded and accepted his invitation.

     My sister Angie, who was mentally challenged, was no problem.  I knew she would go.  We talked about it and she was as excited about it as I was.

     Min, one of my other sisters, was a hard sell.  She never wanted much to do with the family; but now that she was growing older, she was developing a different attitude.  Family had become more important to her and I really think she was sorry for her former feelings.  Still, she was hesitant.  At first she treated her invitation with disdain; but after I described how great it would be to finally get together with all the family, promising there would be no quarrels but only a great time, she finally gave in.

     Last was my brother Tom. He left home as a young man and had little to do with the rest of us.  However, like my sister Min, now that he was old, he too had second thoughts about family.  When I told him about the reunion, at first he was indifferent.  However, over a period of time, I wore him down and he took it into consideration.  I thought he would go; but every time I mention it to him, he just laughs and jokes about it, which concerns me a great deal.  I want him to go so badly.

     I’ve had opportunity to talk about it to some of my nieces and nephews; but so far only one of my nephew and his wife are going for sure.  I’m still working on the others.

     My daughter and her husband are a definite.  My son would like to go, but can’t seem to get his priorities straight.  I trust he will before the time. One of my grandchildren and his wife are planning on going and we pray the others will consider making the trip.

     Preparing for the reunion isn’t always easy, but it will be worth it and the trip has already been paid for.  I know we will have a glorious time, a beautiful place to stay and the food will be out of this world.

Have you planned a family reunion yet?  I encourage you to do so as soon as possible.  Consider this your invitation:


To:  Whosoever Will
Place:  Heaven
Time:  Different per Individual







KJV  Rev. 22:17



Copyright © 2008-2015 Sylvia Hensel

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