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A Pleasure to Pastor

     Hebrews 13:17 (The Message) Be responsive to your pastoral leaders. Listen to their counsel. They are alert to the condition of your lives and work under the strict supervision of God. Contribute to the joy of their leadership, not its drudgery. Why would you want to make things harder for them?

nbsp;    More than likely you’ve used the phrase, ¨it was a pleasure meeting you¨ or maybe you’ve even had someone express that to you. Normally we can quickly name people that we consider it a pleasure to be around. Those people that are kind, genuine and the ones we feel secure with. With my greatest and closest friends I count it a true pleasure to be with them: a joy and a delight to spend time together. One of the greatest compliments I have received is when someone tells me that my kids are a pleasure to be with. WOW, for a Mom that definitely makes you feel a sense of accomplishment. However, just as quickly as we can name those who we find true delight in being with, there may be others you avoid crossing their path at all cost.

     Have you ever thought of what it may be like for your Pastor? He has a congregation with a diversity of personalities, likes and dislikes greater than the Grand Canyon. His decisions, sermons and family are often critiqued, criticized, and crushed. Many times he’s not respected or honored by his congregation and is left to feel alone and un-appreciated. He finds little pleasure in pastoring this flock where God has placed him and can be left wondering if he heard the voice and direction of God correctly.

     I once heard a Pastor say; ¨Pastoring would be so much easier if it weren’t for the people I have to deal with. ¨ Well unfortunately for him there is no separation between Pastoring and people. Being a Shepherd to Gods people should be an absolute pleasure and joy. It is a calling from the Heavenly Father to serve His Church.

     In our time on furlough as Missionaries and over the past few years I have had the privilege to visit hundreds of churches: I’ve seen the big mega Churches to the small country church Pastored by the same person for 60 years: I’ve experienced the greatest joys as I listened to Pastors share their love and heart for their congregation. In this time as well, I also saw Pastors struggling and hurting. I saw Pastors being dictated by a church board and being limited in fulfilling the vision God had given them for their congregation and city. Friends this should not be. We may not be able to change others but we certainly can and are responsible foremost for ourselves. We are responsible to our obedience to Gods word in the scripture of Hebrews 13:17, that we contribute to the joy of our spiritual leaders. My desire is to see Pastors fulfilled and joyfully leading their flock, to see their families thriving in ministry together.


Here are some ways that can help us become a Pleasure to Pastor.


  • Be Loyal: We all know how good it feels to have a loyal friend. Your Pastor needs that as well. Be loyal to your Pastor. Guard him from criticism, support him and lean in his favor. If there is an issue that you are in disagreement with, never discuss that with others take it directly to your Pastor. This not only guards the health and unity of the church but also pleases our Heavenly Father.

  • Be Dedicated: It is easy for a Pastor to know who are the dedicated ones. Those are definitely a Pleasure to Pastor. Be one of those! Be on time, even early for church services. If you’re involved in a ministry be 110% committed. Volunteer your time, talents and skills and support special outreaches or projects your church is involved in. Make it clear that you are dedicated to this church family and your heart beats in rhythm with theirs´.

  • Be Giving: This year I received a Mothers Day card from a lady in our church, she had beautifully expressed on the inside her love and thankfulness that I was her spiritual mother. That will be my greatest remembrance of this Mothers day. Be a giver when it comes to your Pastor and his family. Take time to write a card. You don’t have to have a reason other than he’s your Pastor. Remember birthdays and anniversaries. Verbally tell him when a certain sermon or teaching he did impacted you spiritually. I once heard of a beautician who did all the hair cuts free for her Pastors family. Wow, what a gift! Find ways to serve him, and to serve his family. Maybe stop by unexpectedly to wash his car while he’s in the church office. Make a meal for no special occasion. Giving is an act of service that is an overflow from a grateful heart.

  • Be a Prayer Support: Many years ago, when we were in our first youth pastorate, I read a book by author Terry Nance entitled, Gods Armor Bearer. Terry had discovered the importance of bearing the armor for his Pastor. He stated, "We can see that the most important part of the Armor bearing is a ministry of prayer, watchfulness, and intercession. The Armor bearer is to prove his sincerity, loyalty, and courage in the spirit realm through prayer and intercession." Be faithful to call your Pastors name in prayer. Stop by his office early on Sunday and pray for him. If he is busy or unavailable lay your hands on his office door and uplift him in prayer for the time of ministry ahead.

  • Be Passionate: Nothing energizes a Pastor more than to see those who are passionate. Passionate about there relationship with Christ and there church. Passionate in worship and passionate in hearing the Word of God. If you’ve been one to sit closer to the back try filling up one of the empty spots up front. Make eye contact with your Pastor while he’s preaching and let him know by your attentiveness that you’re with him. If it’s been long time since you brought a visitor to church, start again. Ask God to lead you in being a soul-winner and a builder of His Church.

     My prayer is that God will help us all restore joy to those who He has called to Pastor. Our responsibility is to obey and honor those spiritual leaders who God has placed over us and to those whom we have chosen to form part of their congregation, so that in accordance with Hebrew 13, there ministry may be a joy and not a burden.

     Prayer: Lord, thank you for my Pastor. Thank you that you ordained spiritual authority and that there is a blessing to those who walk in obedience to Your Word. Lord I ask you to forgive me if I have caused grief or pain to my Pastor. Show me how to be his armor bearer. Show me how to serve and help me to be passionately dedicated to the heart and vision of my local church. I truly desire the best for my Pastor and his family. May You meet there every need and may they lack for nothing. May he be encouraged and may Your strength renew him. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

     *As a Co-Pastor of Christian Life International Church, I say thank you to each one in our church family who are a ¨Pleasure to Pastor. ¨


Copyright © 2008-2015 Melinda Henderson

Reader Comments...
2009-07-11 21:11:03
"Thank you for writing this! This was written gently and I know it will bear much fruit. A reminder to us all! "
        - Sandy

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