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My Journey Into Prayer: Step Three - Praise and Worship

Let them praise His name in the dance: let them sing praises unto Him with the timbrel and harp.  Ps. 149: 3 (NIV)

Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand.  Ps.149: 6 (NIV)

To sing about God is praise.  To sing to God is worship. (unknown author)

      What a special event praying is.  It is a continuing celebration of the love between Jesus and us.  The very fact that the God of the universe calls us into His presence to discuss our needs with us is beyond imagination.  

     As I wrote in my last article, “My Journey into Prayer – Step Two,” God showed me how to pray the scriptures, which I still do and will continue to do.  However, as I drew nearer to the Lord and became more acquainted with Him, He brought me to another dimension in prayer.  

     One Sunday before evening services, I went to prayer.  I told the Lord I felt I was carrying the heavy burdens of those I was praying for on my shoulders.  But, instead of praying, I began praising God.  When I got up from my time with Him, I was troubled that I had not asked for anything and wondered if He would still meet the needs of those I meant to pray for. He then reminded me I had not read the Word that day.  I was in Psalm 81 (NIV), and as I read, He spoke to me from verse 6a, “I remove the burden from their shoulders,” and verse 7a, “In your distress, you called, and I rescued you.”

     He then led me to a prophetic message in Frances Robert’s book, Come Away My Beloved. I opened the book at random.  The reading was entitled “Dynamos of Praise.”  It reads in part: “Yea, let thine heart rejoice in Me, and occupy thine heart with praise.  There is no need that I will not fulfill as ye praise and worship --- both your needs and the needs of others.”

     It goes on to say that praying for specifics is like requesting light for individual homes, but praise and worship flood the entire area with available current.  Men and women have contemplated the power of faith and prayer, but seldom do they consider the power of praise.  The prophetic message says for us not to analyze each need  but to leave the diagnosis in the Lord’s hands.  Complexities are nothing to Jesus.  They exist in our own minds only, planted by the enemy, to dull our faith.

     Praying through praising and not through asking has been another test of faith; but when you know God is leading, you cannot fail.  My praise prayer begins by going to our trusting place and talking to my Lord about those I have come to pray for, not mentioning their needs, just their names.  Then I quiet my spirit and concentrate fully on Him until I find I have entered into the very heart of God.  After that it is not difficult to come into that realm of praise.  Though I am not a singer, I find myself singing before the throne and dancing in His presence.  One cannot praise without giving thanks; it all flows together.  Time loses its essence as I am caught up in the wonder of His love.  I come away confident that all is well with my soul and those for whom I have come to intercede.

     With each new step I take into my journey of prayer, I become more aware of just how magnificent my Lord is.  He is my trustworthy God, Fulfiller of His Word, Forgiver of sins, Bread of Life. He is never lacking, always satisfying, constantly replenishing.  Just as He fed the 5,000 with five loaves and two fish, so He is, more in the end than in the beginning.  He grows larger each time I draw from Him.  He is the fulfillment of all I desire now and forever more.


Lord, I come before you with each need that has been given to me to pray for.  They ascend to You on lips of praise, in songs of love as I breathlessly pour out my intimate thoughts of You, O Lover of my soul.  

I respond to your love for me with grateful thanksgiving, and a passionate desire to serve You,  please You and give You a happy heart.  
Though I walk through the valley of needs, I pray my heart will always dance with You on the mountain tops.

I love You, Jesus.


Copyright © 2008-2015 Sylvia Hensel

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