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The Seasons of Life: I Never Realized That Included HURRICANE Season

     Okay ladies . . . I'm not sure why I didn't consider HURRICANE season a Season of Life, but I just didn't.  When I hear people say, "Oh, I'm going through a season," I naturally think of winter, spring, summer and fall.  You know . . . a bitter season of life being winter;  a flourishing season of life being spring.  That made sense to me, but recently, I've discovered there's a season no one really considers a season until it hits them.  You know what I mean . . . when life seems all too calm . . . like that eerie feeling that comes right before a storm . . . and then WHAM from out of nowhere you're being pelted in the face with sideways rain, chased down by hail the size of golf balls and attacked by the fingers of a whipping wind, piercing your insides through and through.  Oh yes, ladies that's the kind of hullabaloo I'm referring to, and it sneaked up on me without any coordinate points being announced by my local meteorologist.

     So . . . there's a new baby in the mix of my life.  She's terrific!  She's 4 months old now, and I was recently so tickled with myself for having her and my almost-2-year-old on a similar schedule   (And truly, I give credit to the Lord because, please!  The two of them both napping together from 11:30am - 1:30pm can only be explained by an act of God.  It's right up there with feeding the 5,000.  There is NOTHING fantastic about me).  Well, as I'm feeling pretty good about maybe FINALLY having a handle on a few things, the gale force winds started: shift change at work for hubby, school situations with our son, family concerns, neighbor in need . . . (I could hear those winds picking up and the rain getting started).  The itemized list could continue for a mile, like many of yours, I'm sure.  Before I knew it, I was swept up in the complexities of finishing out a school year (with band programs, award ceremonies, field trips, exams), plus shifting my schedule to align with my husband's shift change . . . Why was I feeling the water up to my knee caps at that point?  You know: the water's rising,  the wind is blowing through your hair at such speed, your old '80's hairstyle is back and not working.  

     My heart started racing, my anxiety levels started to rise right alongside the flood waters about ready to consume me . . . my life started changing at such a rate, I could barely keep up.  One cup of coffee in the morning with a prayer, "Oh dear God, please help me today," then, I'd take my son to school.  So much would happen after that which I can't even document because it would be as much  of a whirlwind for you to read as it was for me to experience!  Then, I'd pick my son up from school, followed by  the afternoon whirlwind.  Finally I'd drop into bed.

     I used to make sure my son had fresh clothes for the school week, but I  became content if he could find something to Febreze for the day. I once had meals planned for the evening, but found peace seeing the Papa John's delivery boy AGAIN.  Where I once made sure my son's homework was completed and correct, I became happy with just seeing a name on a partially completed page (and sometimes it wasn't even his name, but that was okay with me).  The bar that was set so high fell into the spiral bands of the hurricane I was swallowed up in.  The hullabaloo that consumed our humble abode felt like it was taking over, and I wasn’t sure what to do.  
     Have you ever felt that way?  Just so overrun or maybe even RUN OVER, that you'd be satisfied if you could just get a bite to eat from the leftovers on your child's high chair tray?  Or maybe you're so stressed that you go back to get another bite of that chocolate ice cream or another traipse through the potato chip bag?  Well, let me tell you something so AMAZING that I discovered (through writing this article!).  The word "hullabaloo" which means UPROAR is actually derived from the Scottish word for "lullaby."  I can hear you asking, “Now how does that make sense?”  Well, there is a calm in the storm, right?  Look at the storms that Jesus calmed--and those were only the ones that were documented.  It says at the end of John (chapter 21 verse 25 in the NIV) that, "Jesus did many other things as well.  If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written."  WOW!!!  I'm amazed by the miracles that I DO get to read about in the New Testament, but to imagine that those are just (maybe) 1% of all the miracles that Jesus performed: whoo whee!  It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.  So, what's the answer to dealing with the hurricanes, ladies?  Don't forget the lullaby in the Hullabaloo.  Jesus is your lullaby.  He is the sweet song that rides the winds through your storm.  He is the refreshing mist that accompanies the darkness that will sometimes come.  He is the One who cannot only bring you through, but can do it with strength and might.  Jesus is the Way to make it through each day.

     So how can you apply this to your today?  Well, if you're like me, you truly do not have loads of time to spare (I'm happy when I get to catch a few questions off Jeopardy or maybe get to see Vanna turn a letter or two).  So, the first thing you need to do is START THE DAY WITH A PRAY (I know grammatically that phrase doesn't jibe, but you'll remember it).  Say it with me: "START THE DAY WITH A PRAY."  And even if your prayer is just, "God help me today," He understands, and is pleased that you have come to Him first.  Secondly, if you need a sweet, you are welcome to it.  HOWEVER, you should tell yourself that you can only eat a sweet with a scripture. Keep your Bible near the candy cabinet so that you can satisfy your spirit at the same time as your sweet tooth.  I guarantee you will notice that: 1) you will not crave sweets as much (the Enemy can't stand us in God’s Word) and/or 2) your spirit will get really full for the day.   Lastly, at the end of each day, give yourself just five minutes to journal the events of that day.  Not a long dissertation, because the Lord knows you have to sleep.  Just write a little something to remind you about the events when you go back to read your journal later in life.  Remember, though these days seem like they could never be forgotten (the paint dropped all over your bills, the dog sneaked into the house with muddy paws), you'll be amazed how quickly this time will go, and how much you will forget if you do not take the few minutes to thank God for each day's events.

     Well, I think I see the sun coming out.  It's looking really beautiful this morning.  The waters are receding, the winds have died down . . . and it appears as if a lullaby is waiting just for me.  I think I can hear the melody now.  Sweet living to you all, from a mother, wife, daughter and friend who truly understands.

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Reader Comments...
2009-08-20 21:35:52
"I am so glad that the Seasons of Life article was a blessing! What an encouragement your sweet words were to me. Thank you. :)"
        - Cindy
2009-08-09 16:15:05
"This was just what I needed to hear. I live in Florida so I know all about hurricane season! I just went through this season and can see the sun coming out. God is so awesome. I like and appreciate your applications. I will start this today. Thank you and God bless."
        - Debbie

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