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Running Through Quicksand

    Even now as I'm writing, my mind is racing a hundred miles a minute.  "What will we have for dinner?” I think frantically. “That's right!  Tonight is my sister's birthday party.  We're eating there.  Schew!”  (A slight pause for my brain.)

     Then a myriad of thoughts and questions flood in all at once: “How am I going to get my homework done for my recertification class?  When will I make that deposit? Does it have to get done today? (I do a quick review in my head of the bills I paid and determine if any of them are hinging upon that deposit).  Oh, that's right.  Jayson doesn't get picked up today until 4:30 p.m.  Okay, breathe . . . (another slight pause for my brain).  Okay.  Time to assess where we're at!  (I take a quick glance at my day-planner, my husband's schedule, and my son's schedule, when all of a sudden the two girls start crying.) Oh, I wish the baby wouldn't pull Samantha's hair.  Okay . . . time to take action.  But where do I begin?"

    All those thoughts take place in less than a minute.  Only 60 seconds.  And our husbands wonder why we're tired at the end of the day?  Oh, my goodness.  Someone explained it to me one time as feeling like we’re “running through quicksand.”  

     Now, for those of you like me who actually like running, you know very well that running is tough.  Although rewarding, it still takes energy, rhythm, and a certain pattern in breathing to keep from leaving your lungs back one block behind you . . . and for those of you who do not like running, well, you understand that running is just downright the last thing on your list!

     So, imagine . . . if running is tough-- how much tougher is it when you're running--no longer on solid ground--but in quicksand!!! No wonder we feel like our heads are barely above water.  Help!  It's not water, ladies . . . it's quicksand you're sinking in, and we need some help out.  QUICK!!!

Quicksand Movie Moment

     When I was in middle school, there was a fun movie called The Princess Bride.  If you haven't seen it, you owe it to yourself to rent it, pop some yummy popcorn and prepare to laugh.  It's a delightful film.  

     Now, if you HAVE seen this fine film, you should fondly remember the scene where Sweet Wesley rescues Buttercup out of the quicksand.  Here she is, just casually walking through the forest when suddenly she gets SWALLOWED up by a pit of innocent-looking sand.  HA!

     Buttercup was sucked under so quickly that Sweet Wesley couldn't figure out what had happened.  But then, DING, the lightbulb went off, and instantly Wesley took action . . . grabbing a strong VINE (of all things) and diving head first to rescue his love.

     During this action scene, you could hear a pin drop as the viewers curiously held their breaths, waiting to see whether or not the couple would survive.  Then suddenly, the music began to build into a THROM, THROM, THROM, as the viewers watched Sweet Wesley climbing confidently out of the pit, holding onto that vine for dear life, while Buttercup clutched him.  It was dramatic.  It was victorious.  It was the WAY we all wanted it to end.

Saved by the VINE

     As I thought about that victory, I realized that, likewise, our “quicksand moments” can be just as victorious, IF we grab hold of THE VINE.

    For me, you see, it's when I take my eyes off Jesus (the True Vine) and put my focus on all that's going on around me that I begin to feel my heart tighten, my head hurt, and my patience wane.

     Things that usually are no big deal (like making a deposit) all of a sudden become a difficult chore.  Things that really can wait until the weekend (like getting my homework completed) seem to become the priority of the already very long list.  And, ladies, there is truly only one way out of this quicksand . . . grabbing hold of Him.

     John 15:5 says "I am the Vine, you are the branches.  He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing." (NKJV)  Did you hear that?  "Without Me (Jesus) you can do nothing."  NO thing.   That means not one.  We will become overwhelmed; we will feel we're drowning in quicksand.      

Running on Solid Ground

     So, there you have it!  THE ANSWER!!!  Give it ALL to Him, ALL the time.  When your mind starts racing, write down the things you're thinking of (keep paper and pencil in multiple places throughout your house), but after you write it down, START PRAISING HIM.  Give those tasks to the Lord and begin thanking Him for helping you prioritize and effectively handle each item that needs to be handled.  He will give your heart peace to finish all that needs to be done.  (Notice I said needs to be done.)

     Sometimes, we add things to our lists that are not needs, and we overwhelm ourselves.  Stop!  The Lord will give you clarity to prioritize.  He will be the Vine to take you out of that quicksand and plant your feet back firmly on solid ground.

     So, ladies, let's continue the race.  Avoid the quicksand traps. Get your sneakers laced tight, throw the kids in the jogging stroller, and get ready for the run of your life.  It's a thrill crossing that finish line -- especially when you and the Lord cross it hand in hand.  Sweet Victory!!!

Cindy’s beach photo courtesy of www.ShuttergirlStudios.com

Copyright © 2008-2015 Cindy Aitken

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