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21st Century Missionaries: A New Mission Field

     I have loved the stories of missionaries that have gone before us to remote areas to share the Good News, but I believe that we are now called to consider the new mission fields.  The 21st century mission field is presenting our youth with enormous opportunities.  From these opportunities some will be called to serve in what I believe is the new mission field-- the marketplace.  

     The marketplace today covers a whole spectrum of areas; however, the goal has not changed from those called to remote areas-- to engage the hearts of mankind towards God.  

     Consider the words of Jesus in the Great Commission…”Go into all the world.”  As an educator I envision millions of young men and women equipped and trained with cap, gowns and diplomas in hand to go, take, and overthrow darkness and demonstrate the ways of God’s Kingdom in all arenas in the world.

     This may include the sports world, educational world, science/medical world, political world, media arts world, or religious world. Wow!

     Now, in our present culture, in order to reach the masses, we will have to think outside of the box of yesterday’s missionaries and explore other ways to share the gospel.  Remember when God created mankind with his wonderful gifts and talents, He said “It is very good.” This is still true through His Son.

     We must be open to allow our children and those that we educate to explore their talents until they discover what God has wired them to love.  Ultimately, how God has gifted them and the passion He has given them should be like two trains running parallel simultaneously.   

Train Them to Hear God

     As we are educating our young people for some specific discipline, we must also train their senses to hear God, love God and perceive Him in such a way that He is integrated into every area of life.  

     The goal here is to be able to earn the right to be heard through a spirit of excellence like Daniel did.  When this happens, then your son, daughter or students will be able to shift the atmosphere, for the King’s rulership because of His love for humanity demonstrated in their lives.

To prepare the 21st century missionary-- here are some practical objectives:

  • First create an atmosphere to advance in knowledge and explore multiple talents, such as sports, music, medical, theatre, debate teams, etc.
  • Then, train them in the importance of daily prayer and reading God’s Word. Along with this, pray for opportunities to develop giftings to share His truth and assist others.
  • Isn’t it awesome that we are called to a time in history that we can engage in all areas of the world and have the resources that some could only have dreams of?

Are you ready? Then let’s go and prepare and ignite the hearts of those you instruct.


  • The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind, by Bill Johnson,
  • In Pursuit of Purpose, or the Principles and Power of Vision, by Dr. Myles Monroe,
  • Addicted To Mediocrity, by Franky Schaeffer   

Copyright © 2008-2015 Heather Kinchlow

Reader Comments...
2009-12-06 07:18:04
"Amen, Heathe. I hear your experience talking. Thanks for being a pioneer. God Bless Sis"
        - R
2009-12-03 12:55:48

What a thought-provoking and inspiring article. It allowed me to see what areas to focus on with my children. Keep hearing, receiving, and writing :)"
        - charlene

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