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Family Dinners Create Special Memories

Family Dinners - www.myfriendDebbie.com     Growing up, I remember the holidays were always a very busy time in our home. A few days before Christmas, my mom began preparation for the annual family meal. She would recruit each one of us in preparing family favorite recipes like sausage balls, lady fingers, and apple nut cake. My dad would prepare the turkey for roasting, crack pecans for the desserts, and help to mix the ingredients for all the treats to be made.

     My mom would cook the turkey through the night. On the morning of our family dinner, the smell would radiate through the house. Pies and desserts would line the buffet in our dining room.  

      Throughout the day aunts, uncles, and cousins would arrive. Meanwhile, my mom would still be scurrying around the kitchen trying to complete the remaining side dishes for the meal.

     Dad would make sure there was plenty of seating for everyone. There would be two or three folding tables set up in our living room (end to end) to accommodate all the guests. And, of course a kiddie table. I don’t think I actually got to sit at the dinning room table until I was in college.

     Dad would carve the turkey and ham – taking time to sample a piece or two.  Once his job was done, all the remaining dishes would come out of the oven and be placed on the table. We always took time to bless the feast and then enjoy the food. There was lots of laughter and lots of food. It was a happy time that I always enjoyed.

     After everyone ate, the ladies began washing all the dishes – I’ve never seen so many people crammed into such a small kitchen. Why didn’t we think of paper plates!

     Once the dishes were clean we’d gather in the living room as my Dad would read the Christmas story and cousins would exchange presents. As we all admired the twinkling lights on the tree, my uncle would then play the guitar. He’d sing songs like the Green, Green Grass of Home that would bring my Grandpa to tears and sing funny songs like Ahab the Arab that all the kids loved – we cherished them all.

     As the evening approached, a buffet of leftovers was put back out on the table for everyone to feast on – as if they should even be hungry. After filling up on all the wonderful food again, the guests began to trickle out and we’d say our farewells until next year.

     My Mom and Dad would collapse in the chair and then our family would enjoy some quiet time together reflecting on the events of the day.

     For all the endless hours of work that you put into making those family dinners a success, thanks Mom and Dad. If it were not for your commitment we would not have had those special memories.

     I hope my sisters and I continue to share this tradition through the years with our families. Despite the work, it is worth the time that we get to spend together as we let our children share in one another’s lives and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

Copyright © 2008-2015 Christy Biswell

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