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This House

My Friend Debbie     Come visit the house that I have built; it's where Jesus lives. All you need to bring is a believing heart. Your prayer requests are always welcome. The front entrance is my prayer closet. As we step over the threshold, we enter the chambers of my heart.

     Love was used for the blueprints. It dictated the size of the house. It is built on the Solid Rock giving it a firm foundation. The building blocks are faith and trust. Pain and tears were the nails used; obedience, the mortar. The walls are insulated with the Word. Praise has been piped into every room. The floors are laid with solid peace. The ceilings are constructed with submission to my Lord, giving it the covering needed. For the exterior I used hope, for hope springs eternal; it is steadfast and enduring.

     It is furnished in an eclectic mixture of new and old prayer requests, assurance, with a great deal of humility thrown in, and last but not least, laughter and tears.

     I built this house for my Lord. I am the caretaker. I do my best to always keep it clean. However, there are times when I make a mess of things or break something. He is so forgiving. Would you believe that He is the one to clean up my messes and He takes the broken pieces and puts them back together again.

     I know He will not remain in this house if I neglect to care for it properly. The thought that He would leave keeps me vigilant, for someone must reside as lord of my heart at all times. If not Jesus, who then?

     Life's circumstances come knocking at my door every day, backed up by fear, self, greed, or a whole host of other lords. I am so blessed that this house I have built in my heart belongs to Jesus. He keeps it safe. He deals with the intruders who try to invade it. I feel secure in knowing I can trust my house to the One I have given ownership to.

     I hope you have enjoyed your tour. Please come again. Just be sure to bring along a prayer request. And, if you would like to build your own house for Jesus, just go to the Word. It's all there. You will find the blueprints and complete instructions. It will take time and perseverance, but remember, you will be working with the Master Carpenter. He will give you all the help you need.

Copyright © 2008-2015 Sylvia Hensel

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