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Fill Those Love Tanks!

     I love having daughters! The Lord has graciously blessed me with six of them! (And . . . one dashing young boy!)

     My daughters, like many girls, seem to have been born with a bottomless pit called a “love tank.” They simply cannot be hugged and loved enough.

     Our son needs an endless supply of love, too, but, for some divine reason, our girls need constant affirmation that they are lovely to look at and loved unconditionally . . . especially by their dad.

     I learned many years ago from a wise parent that if a little girl does not receive hugs in abundance and is not made to feel beautiful and valued by her father, she will seek it elsewhere . . . in the arms of another man. Our nation’s statistics on teenage pregnancies can perhaps be better understood in light of this.

 A Valentine Tradition

     February is known as “Love Month.” There is no better time than this month to establish the tradition of Dad not just giving his wife a card or letter expressing his love . . . but also clearly communicating his feelings to his children, especially daughters.  

     My husband began this tradition many years ago, and now our children can hardly sleep the night before Valentine’s Day, knowing that they each will awake to a special letter especially designed and written by Daddy just for them with a little Hershey’s kiss attached. They wake up with their special letter on their nightstands, and they get so excited that they read their letters to each other!

     (Note to Dads:  Be aware that anything you write to one child could be read by the other children—so be equally complimentary to each!)

Your Turn

     If you are blessed with one daughter or many, God has entrusted their little hearts to you! Take extra caution to ensure that you are filling their daily love tanks with hugs, pats on the shoulder, back scratches, words of affirmation,  . . . and, of course, rocking those babies and toddlers.

     But most importantly, make sure that you are showing them by your love--an example of their Heavenly Father’s loving heart. You can be sure that it will be a love that will last them a lifetime. 

      These words from a song by the Annie Moses Band will inspire you:


When Daddy says I’m beautiful,

He smiles with his eyes,

And a happiness that I can’t describe fills me up inside!

Confidence of love content within my soul,

Even after he is gone and I am old . . .

When Daddy says I’m beautiful!

From the Annie Moses Band Eden CD (www.anniemosesband.org)

Copyright © 2008-2015 Alyson Shedd

Reader Comments...
2010-02-01 22:24:45
"Hey Alyson, what a great article! I am going to forward this to Mike. I hope it is something he will like to do!! Hope your pregnancy is going well. Vinny is thinking BOY for Stephen!! We are coming again this weekend, I hope I get to see you! -Beth Manning"
        - Beth

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