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The Song of a Child

     Every child is gifted with special abilities from their Heavenly Father.  It’s neat to see how that is displayed in different ways.

     Recently, our six-year-old son, Grayson, was concerned about an unruly, ill-behaved child in his class at church. The boy had hit Grayson and his twin brother, Graham, on the head with his hat, and didn’t seem to care about what he had done. As Grayson told me what had happened, I asked who the boy was and I realized that he came from a very difficult background and explained to our boys that he doesn’t know how to act nice yet, but that God loved him anyway and we should too.

     I suggested that we pray for him and ask God to help him be nice, and help us forgive him and to remember that God loves him anyway. The boys hearts were touched with compassion and after we prayed, Grayson began to sing a little tune, with the words, “God Loves You Anyway…”

     That day, Grayson wrote a very special little song about the love of God for the young boy. It’s called, “God Loves You Anyway!”

It goes like this:

Chorus: “God loves you anyway, He watches over you night and day, God loves you anyway and He takes care of you, every day!”

Verse One: “Sometimes when you’re scared and you don’t know think that He’s there, He whispers to your heart, ‘I still care!’”

Chorus:“God loves you anyway, He watches over you night and day, God loves you anyway and He takes care of you, every day!”

Verse Two: “Sometimes when you’re mad and you’ve been unkind, He whispers to your heart, ‘You’re still mine!’”

Chorus again and Tag: “Oh yes, He watches over you every day!”

     This was Grayson’s first complete song to compose and we recorded it on an audio recorder. It’s interesting that God spoke to me when I was expecting the twins and impressed upon my heart that they were both boys and that we were to name them after John and Charles Wesley, the two brothers from England that spread the gospel, because these two brothers would also spread the gospel to other nations. John Wesley was born exactly 300 years before our twins. He was born in 1703 and our twins were born 2003.

     We named our twin sons, John Graham and Charles Grayson.  Charles Wesley wrote more than 5,000 songs and hymns that have been sung in Christian churches for centuries, including “Hark the Herald Angels Sing,” and “Oh for a Thousand Tongues.” We took the twins to the Wesley Chapel in London when they were babies and we have dedicated them to the Lord’s work. Graham witnesses to people everywhere and Grayson expresses his heart through songs.  I know God has a special purpose for each of us and I’m so glad that God is faithful to His calling, even the song of a child!

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