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First Impressions

     Walk down any street, take a drive through any neighborhood.  As you examine the different homes, where does your eye go first? The front door of course. It's the focal point of the home, and it's more than just a point of entry. It's where the family comes home, where friends are made to feel welcome.

     The front door speaks to who lingers on the other side.  That one is classic and refined.  And wow!  They're bold and commanding. A shuttered door suggests someone casual and laidback maybe. Beyond that glass door is probably an open and outgoing personality.

     What does your own front door say about you? Is it a fair representation of who resides behind it? Take a walk with me down anyplace street in anywhere town and delight in the diversity that makes up 'the neighborhood.'


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Reader Comments...
2010-09-05 16:03:20
"Kristy, I LOVE your attention to every detail. THAT is a gift. :)"
        - Jodi

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