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Balloon Ride Moments

      When you find yourself responding, "Yes, take me!" to the Fifth Dimension song lyric playing on your radio, "Would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon?" you know it's been a long day . . . maybe week . . . maybe year.  When you find yourself counting down the hours to bedtime and saying, "I think I can, I think I can," like the Little Engine That Could . . . that's a sign. 

     It was just moments ago that I had one child running circles about me screeching because the baby doll wasn’t fitting into her carrier properly while at the same time, my three-year-old wiped her nose across my shorts . . . sigh.  Did I mention I'm not a snot person?

      Okay . . . so since the "Beautiful Balloon" is not really an option for me right now (nor for you), what can I do to preserve my sanity?  And NO!  Eating a box of Godiva is only a temporary fix that will just do damage later, so cross it off your list.  So here is a list of ideas that might help.  Pick and choose or even adapt what may work for you.

  1. Set the children in front of a treasured video and take a few minutes for yourself (exercising, breathing, whatever will relax you).
  2. Prepare the children for bed early tonight . . . going to bed a few minutes early never hurt anyone.
  3. Turn on your favorite music.  Something that makes you smile AND smile BIG!!!
  4. Take a quick walk around the block (No, you can't leave your kids at home when you do this one.)
  5. Grab a glass of chocolate milk (this will give you the chocolate fix but be much kinder to your body).
  6. Breathe deeply.  Seriously . . . just sit or stand and close your eyes breathing slowly through your nostrils and think of a favorite place you've been or one you'd like to go to.
  7. Chit chat with a girlfriend who will keep you in her prayers but also make you laugh.

     These are just a few quick "Balloon Rides" that you can take right at this moment.  And when all else fails, remember, if the good Lord came back today . . . He would not care if your toilet is clean or not, if the dishes are piled or the laundry is still not folded.  He will be so pleased though that you prayed for someone today, modeled the fruits of the Spirit for your children and made time for your husband.  Be distracted by what really matters.  Psalm 99:1a says it best, "The Lord Reigns" (NIV).  Thank God for that!


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Reader Comments...
2010-11-13 09:10:16
"Short and sweet, yet full of wisdom... nice job!

(Also, studies have proven that chocolate milk aids in weight loss--it's true, I don't exercise, but drink that everyday and the scale has gone down). "
        - Stacy

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