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How Seriously Do You Take Your New Year's Resolution?

     A new year has begun, and it is time to consider making those changes we promised ourselves we would do one day.  Thus, the proverbial New Year’s resolutions comes into action.  Mostly they are based on worldly matters and we find by the first of February they have been long forgotten.  No real harm done. 

     However, if it is a spiritual matter, don’t give up that easily.  Consider why you made the resolution.  Something must have triggered that thought that caused you to feel a need to change directions regarding the matter.  Is it something you are doing wrong that needs to be made right? Perhaps it is a matter of doing a thing that you need to stop doing, or something that you are not doing that you need to begin doing.

     Before you break that spiritual resolution, reconsider why you felt the need to start over in a certain area.  Has the Holy Spirit pricked your conscience regarding a matter in your life.   Don’t take it lightly as just something you thought would help you be a better Christian.  Remember, God’s voice isn’t always in the wind and fire.  There are times when it is a still, soft voice that makes us stop our busy lives to hear more clearly.  That still, soft voice of God is just as powerful as the wind and fire, and is to be taken as seriously.  It is not always a matter of our choosing to change an area of our spiritual life; it may be a direct word from the very heart of God telling you all is not well with your soul and a change is necessary to bring you back wholly to Him.

     If God told you to begin anew in an area of life, it would be wise to do so.  If it is something you feel you need to do to draw closer to Him, that too is a good reason not to give up.  Did you make a resolution to find time to pray daily? Perhaps you promised yourself you would begin to tithe beginning the first of the year. Did you decide to start reading the Bible daily, or perhaps you promised to start a family devotional?   Did you need to forgive someone, or ask them to forgive you?  Whatever it is that needs to be changed, then change it.  It will help you grow spiritually, and you need to seriously work on keeping those resolutions.

     If you know in your heart there is a need to change in order to draw closer to God, to be a blessing to Him, to show your love for Him, or whatever the purpose might be, then do it.  Don’t give up.  If you make this commitment to God, it is as though you made a vow to Him.  It is important to keep your promise, both to God and to yourself.

     New Year’s Day seems to be a mark to start fresh, but any day is a good day to make a resolution to begin anew.  Just don’t give up.  If you fall down, pick yourself up and continue the race till you reach the mark of your high calling.  Go for the gold!  It will be worth it in the end.  Phil.3:14

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