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Kids of Prey

     The enemy is after our kids.  Whether their kids are in public school, private school or are home schooled, more parents in the last decade are disclosing reports of their youth being lured into compromising situations.   Kids are being encouraged to abandon their faith and family values and to believe the lies of the enemy--that a little leaven is okay.  Reports of oral sex, hookah bars, pornography, oppositional defiance, inappropriate Internet surfing, alcohol and other dares from friends are creeping into the lifestyle even of youth from Christian families.

     The deception that our youth is believing is that participating in these types of activities helps to belong to group, and feel cool, like others the same age.  Another deception is that participating in these acts will not really affect them, they are above it, or its just for entertainment.

      As Christian parents, we must sound the alarm, build awareness, communicate, pray and not be oblivious to the lures of the enemy.  We must “live out loud,” as my older son says, our faith and relationship with the Lord.

Continued Godly Guidance

     In my personal life, I have experienced threads of this problem when discussions pop up about what is acceptable advertising, language, or behavior for our family.   I am sometimes shocked to think that the kids  I have raised can believe so differently and how they need to be redirected in order to have Godly convictions to accompany their growing independence and freedom to make choices

     I’m beginning to see if my faith-- the faith that was imparted to my children who are now young adults --is working.  Did I live in such a way that they are anchored? Are they at least able to make Godly choices? Are they able to develop spiritually in order to hear God and desire not to grieve Holy Spirit?

     The proof is really in the pudding!  Hear me, please. This is not a guilt trip, but an urgent need to sound an alarm for each of us to press in daily to hear from God and seek His guidance as parents.. To shape the next generation is one of the highest calls on the earth. 

     It has been my experience that as I continue to train, disciple, guide, and direct my children to have a love relationship with God not just at church, or in a Christian school setting or youth group, but that they begin to form an intimate relationship with Him that carries into all of their life choices.  This for me is the kind of relationship that will drown out conflicting voices aimed to steal, kill and destroy. 

     Be encouraged that you are doing a great job! Keep going! But also be mindful that the time with our children is intentional, purposeful and strategic for an eternal work set before them.  Enjoy them, love them, but most of all disciple them with your daily living and your own love relationship with God.

     Continue to pray Psalms 91 and Ephesians 1:17-20 over them for safety, wisdom and love for the Lord.

Copyright © 2008-2015 Heather Kinchlow

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