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A Letter to Momma

A Letter to Momma - MyFriendDebbie.com     For only children espeically, it's a difficult blow when one parent dies, let alone both by the time you are thirty.

     My father died when I was 17; he was 46.  My mom died when I was 30; she was 56.    My father lost his battle with cancer.  My mom lost her battle with alcoholism.   In October.  Six years ago.

     I didn't get a chance to say goodbye…

     I would like to share with you what I would have liked to share with her.

Dear Momma,

     Thank you.  It's cliché, but true.  I thank you.  I thank you for the struggles we endured.  I thank you for the many “morning afters”  when forgiveness was always granted.  I thank you for the way you loved me…the best way you knew how.  But, I am most thankful for your love of Jesus.

     I saw you struggle for your life after Daddy died, but even in your darkest hour you still knew Jesus.  He kept you alive.  He kept you safe.  He always was with you.

     I felt so sad on the night you died.  For the longest time I believed you died alone.  It took years not to  grieve over that very mental picture.  Then, I stopped grieving.

     The Lord came to me, to my heart.  He gave me the two most beautiful gifts.  The first, the peace that you did not die alone.  Jesus was with you.  He has filled my heart with peace.

     He then showed me a heavenly vision.  He showed you dancing in a beautiful glade with auburn hair reaching out to the clouds.  He has filled my heart with joy.

     I ask your forgiveness,s Mom.  I give you mine.  I am grateful for the grace of our Savior and his eternal forgiveness.

     Until we meet again…




     There are tender times that come to many.  Many sisters have lost women; mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces and friends.  I give you what my mom gave me…

     “I can do all this through him who gives me strength”  (Philippians 4:13, NIV).

     In my own paraphrase. . .

     “May The Great Physician keep us all well and healthy, but in times that we are not; whether spiritually, physically or emotionally;  I pray that we are held firm in the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Amen”

Copyright © 2008-2015 Samantha Ewing

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