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A Tangible Thank You

     Everyone loves a thank you!! But in our busy society, we rarely stop to say “Thank You.” And when we do, it’s often rushed, impersonal, inconvenient, strained and sometimes only partially sincere or adequate in terms of demonstrating good manners.

     I’m sure you know the feeling. You try to do something nice for someone and you wonder if they even noticed, much less appreciated it.

     On the other hand, often, I, too, feel like I have grossly failed at extending the fullest expression of gratitude that I genuinely feel, but can’t quite adequately express, either because of a lack of time or funds or ideas. 

     Often I don’t measure up to what I know would be most appropriate and a sign of good manners.  That’s when I have to give grace to myself and hope that others extend grace as well. Sometimes, we frankly just do the best we can, and that’s all that we can do! God knows that. 

     But what a blessing when someone stops long enough to say “Thank You,! When others express their appreciation in a tangible way, it can warm the heart and speak grace to the soul! 

     Recently, my husband received a hand-written thank you card in the mail of someone he had helped more than two years ago. He was happy to have helped, but often wondered if it had made a difference. 

     But when he received the very warm and personable note, it told him of how much the gift of help had meant to them, and how much they were blessed by it and it told of their sincere appreciation for his assistance, with additional stories of their progress since then because of his help, and even Scriptures to thank him for his help that honored and blessed him.

     I can’t explain how much he was touched by it. Tears of joy streamed down his face at the good news from this individual and all the good that had come from his willingness to advocate on their behalf and offer genuine help to them at a pivotal point in their life.

     It not only made his day to be appreciated, but he said he would always keep that thank you note and he has placed it in a prominent spot within his line of sight in his office area near his desk, so that he can visually and continually be reminded of how blessed we can be by helping others.

     So, if someone has done something nice for you, in the present or in the past, I encourage you to stop and thank them for it!  Not only will you be showing good manners, but you might totally make their day and yours!!

Copyright © 2008-2015 Debbie Reynolds Harper

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