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Where Does He Need Me Most?

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

God does not call us into ministry without equipping us.

He does not call us to serve Him without His perfect provision.

He does not lead us to love or care for His sheep without filling us with His abundance.

     Sometimes I forget this…probably too often I lose sight of His hand in my life. Times come when I believe that I am ministering, serving, loving with His heart, and really and truly I am relying only on my own fallen nature. No wonder I grow weary in doing good. Am I serving the wrong audience of one??? Myself?

     I work hard to wait patiently on the Lord to fill me with His Holy Spirit; to speak His wisdom into my heart; to fill my to overflowing with His plans and purpose. But, because I am busy and hurried most of the time, I neglect the wait and push on. . . in my own (failed) strength. I grow weary.

Where Does God Need me the Most     When I am still and waiting on Him, I do not feel burdened or heavy pressed. Even in the most difficult challenges, when I allow His divine presence to fill me, I feel light and capable. I am like a soldier prepared for battle, equipped and fully prepared. When I wait on Him, I become like an eager warrior; ready and able. When I am obedient to follow His direction for my life, my cup runs over with His grace. Currently the Lord is filling my cup to overflowing…He is calling me to rest in Him.

     I have spent many months serving without stopping. I have given hours and hours of time and energy. I have worn myself out in doing. The Lord is slowing me down. He is calling me to be still. He is calling me to have moments of surrender to His presence. He is clearing my plate, setting up boundaries, drawing me to Him.

     He is not calling me to stop loving and helping and caring, but rather, He is showing me where I am needed most…and I am choosing to listen to His voice. He is showing me that I am needed in the palm of His hand. I am needed in the middle of His heart…He is leading me to rest.

     Until recently, I have resisted. In this season of renewal He has given me a new boldness. He has shown me different ways of serving. He is putting sweet lambs, strangers, in my presence who need to hear His Word.

     In my obedience to be still, He has put His Word in my mouth. He has given me moments to pray with people. He has given me moments in my every day errands to share His Word. He has filled my day to day comings and goings with opportunity to pray and love on His sweet flock. Had I resisted His command to be still, I would have missed so many precious moments to share His love and hope. I would miss the blessing of drawing people to Him.

     He hasn’t stopped me from serving, He has just taken the work from my hands and feet to my heart and tongue. He is showing me His goodness and my new mission field.

     He is drawing me to the heart of His Word…the Word that when heard does not return void. He has me planting seeds of hope and love. He has drawn me into a season of prayer….for myself and for others. I am starting to feel refreshed and strong again…strong in Him. 

     I write this as a caution to those who wear themselves out in doing good. Rest. Seek Him and rest in His presence. Allow the Lord to give you seasons of rest and reflection. Allow Him to slow you down to abide in His stillness. This does not mean you have lost your ‘servant’s heart’. It does not mean you are not a valuable and viable member of His body; it simply means you need refreshing and renewing. It means He is leading you into new and abundant pastures.

     Be with the Lord. Be with Him. Be intentional. Be quiet with Him. Allow Him to fill you to overflowing with His strength and glory. Allow Him to still your busy life. Allow Him to give you seasons of rest. Surrender to His call to just ‘be’.  Wait on Him to call you into your next mission.

My prayer for those who are weary…

Dear Father God,

You alone give us strength. We are powerless and weak on our own. Forgive us, Lord, when we shut out Your sweet voice, ignoring Your call to rest. Forgive us, Lord, for pushing on in our own strength and not Yours. Help us, Father, to know that you delight in us just as we are. You long for us to slow down and be still and listen to Your heart. You long to have our full attention. Lord, speak into our hearts; give us a desire to serve You in stillness…communing with You. My heart and eyes want to be focused on You, Lord. Thank you for creating me to love and serve and care Lord. Thank you for seasons of rest and renewal in Your grace, Father. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright © 2008-2015 Samantha Ewing

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