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Creating a Guests' Paradise

A Guest Room Paradise     School is out, the pools are open, and it is time for summer vacations! If you have a large family, like mine, you always have someone coming over for a couple days here or there; so you will need a comfortable room for their quick getaway. Most think a comfortable room is achieved by putting in a comfy bed. You need much more than just a nice bed for your guest room, you need to make it feel like their home away from home. Don’t worry, this is not hard to accomplish, here’s how.  

     First, pick your theme; this will transform your guest room into a guest paradise. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of complacency with your guest room; just because you don’t use it as often as the rest of the rooms in your house, doesn’t mean that it should be any less decorated. Some popular themes for guest rooms are bohemian, beach house and classic contemporary. I picked a bohemian theme for our guest room.

  A Guest Paradise   The next thing to do is work with what you got. Most of the time, the guest room becomes a place for older furniture that doesn’t fit in the rest of your house. So, its time to get creative with the furniture you have. It may need a paint job or a re-staining. Don’t be afraid to try something new with this space.

     Next, work on the biggest thing in the room – the bed. You will want to check the comfort level, sleep in it for a night, if you can sleep there, then your guests can too. There is nothing worse than going to someone’s house and having to stay in an uncomfortable bed. You may need to get a memory foam topper to put under the sheet. After you make the bed feel good, make it look good too. Find a great bedspread, because from this bedspread all the other decorations will be based. A quilt is usually a great idea; most find them very comfortable, they are lightweight, but they will also keep you warm. Also most quilts have beautiful patterns and patchworks that will be very helpful when matching your other decorations. It will create a fun central focus for your room. Pick some complementing throw pillows to add a pop to the bed.

A Guest Paradise     Next, fill the room with pleasant decorations. The easiest way to decorate your guest room is eclectically. These can be from all over your house, from yard sales or from discount stores. You will be surprised what you can find at the most unlikely of places. Keep in mind, the more colors and patterns in your bedspread the easier it will be to decorate.

     Finally, think like a hotel. Ask yourself, what would I want in a guest room? There are a few things you can put in the room that will make the stay of your guest very pleasant. Things like a mirror for them to use getting ready, a folded towel and a new bar of soap on their bed (or in their bathroom, add shampoo and extra toiletries), some bottles of water on their night stand, a bench for them to put their suitcase, an extension cord for all of their electronics in an easy to locate place, or even a nice typed note listing the password to your Wi-Fi, the menu and itinerary for their stay.

     By using these key steps, you will create a warm and welcoming environment for your guests. They will be in awe and will leave feeling like they have stayed in a 5 star hotel, because you have given them a slice of paradise.

Copyright © 2008-2015 Rachel Lynn Harper

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