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The Power of Three Words

‚Äč     I am convinced that we often use too many words. In an effort to communicate “FULLY,” we often overdo a good thing.

     Since I’m a southern girl, I recently made myself some grits for breakfast and used a salt shaker that was not one that I regularly use. To my utter displeasure, I had loaded an excess of salt onto my food that was much too much!! My taste buds were overloaded! And it wasn’t pleasant.

     Then a funny thing happened.  As I was talking to the Lord that day, I felt a gentle reminder impressed onto my heart that was true. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I had to realize the truth.

     The truth is, is that I often use too many words with my husband that leaves a strong offensive taste with him much like the salt did in my food.  A little less would be so much more pleasant. And perhaps even a lot less.

     The Lord specifically challenged me to speak to my husband in kind and cordial “three-word phrases” for 20 days!  I was instructed by the Lord to communicate with my husband and interact with him through the day or evening with the clear task of not speaking more than three words at a time.

     So, I obeyed the voice of the Lord that was in my spirit, and the results were amazing! I could see the visible improvement of our communication and overall relationship! I was amused and glad, all at the same time!

     Scripture reminds us to let our words be few! But we often don’t do that! We would rather follow the philosophy of “the more the merrier!”

     So, I challenge you that when you are in a bind or in a pinch and there seems to be a stalemate of sorts in your communication patterns in a relationship, try this easy fix.

Here are a few three word phrases that will work just fine and get the job done!

-“I appreciate you!”

-“How are you?”

-“I’ll be back.”

-“Have a good day!”

-“Glad your back!”

-“Is everything okay?”

-“You’re a blessing!”

-“Is it ready?”

-“Would you mind?”

-“Are you able?”

-“How’s it going?”

-“You’re the best!”

-“Trash is full.”

-“Can you help?”

-"I love you."

     With God’s help, I know we can make a big difference in the lives of those we love by talking less and listening more!!

Copyright © 2008-2015 Debbie Reynolds Harper

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