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30-Somethings & Under Guide to Coupons

We may have all seen the TV shows where a Mom goes to the store and purchases $ 1,000 dollars’ worth of food and households goods for less to $50.00 dollars, seems a little daunting right?

Well it does not have to be, since childhood I have always loved saving money. I enjoy shopping and getting the best deals on everything I buy, but I am not married and I am not a mom.

Those that have seen me in the local grocery stores with my coupon binder often ask, I am couponing for my family, and with a delightful smile I always say yes, because I am, but for my parent’s home where I live.

Many men and women under the age of 30 are married, but with no children or are living with family members, roommates, or alone. The mom of three with her spare bedroom filled to the brim, with toiletries does not always appeal to us as young adults.

So here is a super simple guide for couponing for the 30 something and under crowd:

Rule 1: Sign up for store discounts. This way even if you don’t have paper coupons, you can still take advantage of the store discounts. 

Rule 2: Only use coupons for what you need. (Or can get next to free to bless others), otherwise you will waste money and time

Rule 3: Use your coupons with store sales. (example. Lotion has been reduced to $1.25 by the store, you have a coupon for $1.00, when you purchase the lotion you are only going to pay .25 cent) (*hint- even if you don’t need the lotion at the price of .25 cent this is a great time to be a blessing to someone else)

Rule 4: Pay attention to the expiration dates on coupons

Rule 5: Use simple steps to organize coupons, by date, by type, or buy product

Rule 6: Have fun, and be proud of being a wise steward of what God has given!

Copyright © 2008-2015 Courtney Pierce

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