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Building Health Through Balance

Broccoli     As I returned from completing a certification program in natural health this past summer, I marveled at how “fearfully and wonderfully” God made these bodies of ours and how everything needed for our health and healing actually exists in the plants and herbs He placed on this earth.  It’s amazing to consider that our bodies consist of nearly 100 trillion cells, with approximately 300 million of them dying and being replaced each minute. We are virtually remade every year, yet the health we enjoy or disease we suffer begins at that cellular level. If the newly regenerated cells do not have the essential nutrients they were designed to have, those cells will be weak, resulting in eventual degeneration of the tissues, organs and systems of the body leading to sickness and disease. But if we create a healthy lifestyle, nourishing our bodies the way God designed, they will function and self-heal as He intended, giving us the energy and vibrant health we were meant to have.  

Getting to the Roots

     Specific disease symptoms are a warning light of imbalance in our body.  Natural healing works to identify those imbalances and restore balance to the body systems by supporting the body’s God-given self-healing ability.  Symptoms are the branches of a tree whereas the underlying causes are the roots. A natural health approach is not about simply easing symptoms, but rather getting to the root of why symptoms developed in the first place. 

     Our present American health care system is really disease care, which focuses on disease treatment and masking symptoms, rather than giving the body everything it needs to build health and reverse the causes of the disease.  If the root causes are ignored, the disease will simply manifest in a new form.  To treat the disease symptoms, even with natural substances, can produce disappointing results if the original root causes are not addressed.  

The Necessity of a Balanced pH

     One example of how imbalances in the body may lead to disease pertains to the body’s pH measurement.  The higher the pH reading (anything above 7.0), the more alkaline and oxygen rich is the cellular fluid; the lower the pH reading (anything below 7.0), the more acidic and oxygen deprived it is. The normal range of pH for human blood is 7.35-7.45, slightly alkaline.  Anything below or above this range can result in symptoms and disease. Ultimately cessation of life results if the blood pH should move below 6.8 or above 7.8.  Our modern lifestyle and diet is responsible for the high acidity levels of the body’s internal environment. This is due to the consumption of excess acid producing foods and beverages as well as from decreased nutritional levels in food grown in chemical-laden soil, stripped of needed alkaline minerals, enzymes and microorganisms.  

Osteoporosis – A Prime Example

    When the amount of acid in the body exceeds the body’s ability to process it normally, a condition known as “acidosis” occurs, a root cause of many degenerative diseases experienced today.  Because the body constantly strives to maintain a balanced pH, especially in the blood, it will literally leech calcium and other alkalizing minerals from the tissues, organs and bones when the body is too acidic.  This fact helps us to understand how a condition such as osteoporosis may develop, and why simply taking calcium supplements will not eliminate the problem, since calcium is often stolen as a neutralizing agent before it even can reach the bones.

   In the five stages of nutrient deficiency progression in the body, only the final two evidence functional or anatomical changes such as the loss of bone mass in osteoporosis.  In the initial stage, depletion of the body’s nutrient reserves occurs, followed by depletion of the nutrient in the body tissues.  The goal in natural health is to create a healthy internal environment by supplying the body with the right balance of all necessary nutrients, preventing loss at any level and halting any progression towards degenerative disease.

A Word to the Wise

    The point to keep in mind is that the absence of disease symptoms or even good lab test results does not necessarily mean all is well in the body. So it is wise NOT to wait to be clinically diagnosed with a disease or condition before taking pro-active steps to make needed changes in diet and lifestyle. With 83% of all deaths in America being from preventable diseases related to diet and lifestyle choices, there is much to learn and apply about how to build optimal health in ourselves and our families at the cellular level.  Some of those options will be explored in months to come.  As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”!

Copyright © 2008-2015 Lucinda Bedogne, CNHP, CNC

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