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Clothes that Work for You

     How many times have you seen an outfit that looked amazing on the mannequin at the store, but when YOU tried on that same exact outfit, it made you feel more like Beast than Beauty? Well, that's probably because the shape of the mannequin is usually completely different than our own. You may not realize it, but a woman's shape really makes a difference as to what types of clothing and accessories will look best on her. So keep reading to discover which styles will accent your shape and make you feel like the BEAUTY that you are. My Friend Debbie

     Choose simple clothes with uncluttered lines. Stay away from fussy details like embroidery and patch pockets. Avoid belts, which will cut your shape in half and make you look wider. Wear dark, subtle colors to help disguise unwanted pounds. Avoid light, solid colors and bright, shiny or large-patterned fabrics. Choose vertical rather than horizontal designs.

     Dress up your shape with lots of layering. Wear vests over blousy shirts with gathered skirts or pleated pants. Play up accessories like handkerchiefs, pins, and belts. Avoid clothes with straight up-and-down lines and anything that's too tight and clingy.

Broad Shoulders
     Choose shirts and sweaters with raglan sleeves or sleeves that are cut just above the shoulder line. A V-shaped neckline will also help soften your broad shoulders. To balance your shoulders, try wearing gathered or drawstring skirts and pants. Avoid padded, puffy or dolman sleeves. Add sweaters and tops that are too big or too tight.

Big Hips
My Friend Debbie     Softly gathered skirts are the best disguise for big hips. To help balance your hips, wear big tops, longish vests and loose jackets. Avoid belted or tucked-in shirts, pockets at hip level, and large-ppatterned or very full skirts and pants.

Heavy Legs
     Step into medium-heeled, simply styled shoes with medium to dark pantyhose. Wear full or flared medium-length skirts to hide the widest part of your legs. Straight cuffed pants are another good choice for you. Avoid bright, textured pantyhose, knee socks, straight skirts and light-colored or strappy shoes.

Large Bust
     Keep tops very simple with V, oval or square necklines. Choose tops that are loose-fitting rather than figure-hugging, but avoid ones that are gathered at the bust line. If you're not too short or hippy, try wearing a dark top with lighter-colored pants or skirts.

Small Bust
     Go in for lots of layering, such as vests worn over loose shirts with gathers and tucks at bust level. Try wearing details like pins, pocket hankies and ties. Avoid very tight sweaters and shirts.

My Friend DebbieWide Waist
     Big tops, long vests, easy-fitting dresses and long sweaters with a belt worn just below your natural waistline will all fit your style. Avoid wearing anything that pulls you in at the waist, such as waistline belts and figure-hugging dresses.

     Layering is the look for you. Try wearing wide collars, vests, flared skirts, pleated pants with cuffs or rolled-up jeans. Tops and bottoms in different colors will help break your height; so will belts worn around your waist.

     Wear clothes with simple, straight lines and avoid anything with fussy details. Since big collars can be overpowering for a short figure, aim for long narrow collars on jackets and shirts. Keep to small prints and vertical patterns, and try to coordinate your outfits in one color to give an illusion of height.

Large Bottom
     Choose softly gathered skirts in soft fabrics. If you're not too short or busty, wear dark skirts with light tops. Vest and sweaters should be worn past your waist, at hip level. Avoid pants (especially tight ones) whenever possible. Also to avoid: straight skirts and dresses, light-colored pants and skirts, details like patch pockets or embroidery on the backs of skirts or pants, and anything that pulls you in tightly at the waist.

     These helpful tips should get you that much closer to feeling great about the way your clothing and accessories can accent and/or flatter your shape. Remember to keep your best "clothing creations" clean, pressed, and right at hand for when you need to look your best quick. Use these ideas to find what truly works best for you and don't forget to stick out your tongue the next time you pass by that mannequin in the window that gave you the wrong idea about how plaid would work for you. Don't get frustrated . . . get even by looking your best.

Copyright © 2008-2015 Susan Russell

Reader Comments...
2011-12-16 01:42:30
"I don't have hips atall,what i do n wear?"
        - Noela

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