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Susan Russell

Susan Russell - www.myfrienddebbie.comSusan Tayloe Russell resides in beautiful Virginia Beach, Virginia.  A native of Virginia, she embraces her Southern charm and is a jewel to all her know her.  She loves to provide personal consultation services to individuals.  She has assisted in fashion coordinating and sales in specialty boutiques as well as gained years of experience in the fashion industry through modeling.  An expert in her field, Susan has truly enjoyed educating women in the field of fashion.  Susan also managed to raise up her three children, along with sharing time with her husband, Bill, of 43 years.  She has served as director and member of numerous civic, social and church committees.  When not traveling with her husband or visiting her adorable grandchildren, Susan enjoys Pilates gym classes, painting, knitting, tennis and reading.  She hopes that the tips she shares will encourage you to always look and feel your best.


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