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I now pronounce you man and 'LIFE'

     Okay, so the other day Brandon, Karsyn and I were all having a relaxing evening at the house: Karsyn playing in her room and Brandon and I channel surfing on the couch.  Suddenly Karsyn burst into the living room and declared that it was time to play!  Here’s how the conversation went…

“Are you ready to play with me?” Karsyn asked, full of excitement.
“Well, what are we playing?,” Brandon asked with skepticism, remembering their recent hour spent playing “beauty shop.”  
“Daddy, you can be the husband, Mommy, you can be the baby, and I want to be the life!” she exclaimed very proudly.
Brandon and I both looked at each other, trying to make sense of what she was saying.
“Kars, what do you mean you want to be the life?” I asked, grasping for an actual explanation.
“You know, like Daddy’s the husband, and I’m being you.”  After seeing my puzzled look, she continued, ”Mommy, Daddy’s the HUSBAND, and I am the LIFE!  Don’t you know what I mean?” she asked, clearly exasperated.

     And then it dawned on me – she meant WIFE!!  And as cute as this maybe, it really enlightened me  on my position in my household and my family.  Although, for her, it was just a mix up of consonants,  it caused me to ask myself – am I truly the “life” in my house?

     When my husband comes home after a long day at work, at this stage of our life, do I provide “life” by greeting him with a smile and asking him how his day was?  Or do I provide “death” by nagging him with my “honey-do” list or complaining that he was gone way too long the minute he steps through the door?  

     When my sweet little girl wants to have some mommy play time, am I willing to put all my “stuff” aside to spend a few minutes with her – providing “life” – or am I too quick to push her off, claiming to be too busy, when really I’m just being too selfish?

     Examine your heart today and ask yourself : Am I truly the LIFE in my house?

Copyright © 2008-2015 Tiffany Hester

Reader Comments...
2009-10-01 16:54:46
"Wow! I want to be the Life too. Thank you for reminding me of what the wife and mom are supposed to be. I am thinking about that and hope that my children and husband see me as the life in the house. "
        - Jeana

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