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Yielded for Blessing


My Friend Debbie     My husband and I have 10 wonderful children. Regularly, I am asked if my husband and I planned to have all those children. Sincerely, I have to answer, "No, but my Heavenly Father did! And we yielded ourselves to His plan, which is better than ours." One doesn't have to have ten children to be spiritual or in the will of God, anymore than another has to be celibate to prove his or her holiness. But we each should be open to yielding to His will for our lives, whether we completely understand it or not.

     For me, one of the biggest areas of my life to "yield" was having children. Don't misunderstand or misinterpret me. I adore children, especially my own; but at a very early age, I recognized the incredible hard work and sacrifice that's required to raise them, as I had many babysitting positions.

     Repeatedly, the Scriptures tell us how much children are a blessing. There is no denying that they are valued in our Lord's eyes, as He said,

"Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven," Matthew 19:14 (KJV).

     And yet, we hesitate to "yield" our lives, our wills, our bodies -- more specifically for women, our wombs for His purposes. The reasons are varied. The reasons are many. Many of the reasons we make certain decisions in our lives are because of fear and not based on faith. The Bible tell us that "everything that is not of faith, is sin," Romans 14:23 (NIV). We must consider why we have fear and not faith. My Friend Debbie


     I labored many years to tone my arms, sculpt my abs and tighten various muscles to add to my physical appearance. One of my first concerns when I became pregnant with our first child was that I would lose all that I had worked so hard to attain. After all, I wanted to be a good steward of the body that the Lord gave me. And I certainly wanted to be pleasing to my husband. Right???? These aren't necessarily sinful reasons; but my conscience convicted me differently.

     Then there were the nagging comments and descriptions I had heard my entire life about the whole birthing process. And what about the financial expense? Fear of the unknown does not build faith if you are seized by your fears. Trusting Him and taking action will help you overcome the very fears that hinder your growth.

     I haven't met any woman in her 70's who doesn't look a little aged, whether she had no children or a dozen. We can not truly preserve ourselves, as much as we may spend much time and money trying to do so. Time takes its toll on everyone -- no one is exempt. The way I figure it, it's an added reward to have something to show for years of weathering; namely, children!


My Friend Debbie     There are numerous things that hinder us from yielding in many aspects of our lives. I encourage you to explore your reasons for not wanting to step out of your comfort zone and all that you know to be right and true. Dig deep and be honest. Ask the Lord to enlarge your heart. Not just in yielding to Him regarding issues of having children, but in all things.

     Maybe you've been meaning to talk to your neighbor, but haven't made the time. Perhaps the Lord has put it on your heart to give something away but you just can't let go. You might believe you were called to another nation as a missionary, which you conveniently forgot to pursue. Or you've watched the offering plate pass by as you cling to your hard-earned money, while throwing in a little spare change to alleviate your guilty feelings. Perhaps, you keep meaning to end that sinful relationship you're involved in, but you're not sure you can financially make it on your own. There are so many things we need to "yield," the Lordship of, and turn it over to the Lord of our lives, if in deed, we have given Him that place.

     In order to "yield," we must relinquish our control. For most of us, that's not easy. However, there is freedom to be found in making decisions that are out of our control, and fully in God's control. He is trustworthy! It's part of the faith-filled life. We trust our Creator to use us for that which He created us. For women, much of the time He will use us to be life-givers and life-bearers, to bring children into this world and then graciously allow us to disciple them. Whether it is physical or spiritual, part of the unique design of women is to be life-givers. What a privilege to be used of Him! Oh that we would count ourselves blessed as Mary, the mother of Jesus, did.

     During this season of celebration, call on the One who created all things -- including You. Believe Him for miracles. Yield to Him. That tugging on your heart could be Him seeking to change you and redirect your path. Repent of those things that you are trying to control and allow Him to take over. Stand in awe as He decorates you with courage and contentment. The miracles you are hoping for may be waiting on the other side of faith.


My Friend Debbie
The Rowlands Family: Brent, Decie, Hannah, Sarah, Michael, Mark, Lydia, Audrey, Sophie, Faith, Phillip, and Samantha

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